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No description

Maritza Abreu

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of SIOP

Instructional Activities and Strategies
Aligned Results

Lesson Preparation
Comprehensible Input
Lesson Delivery
Building Background
Practice Application
Review Assessment Common Core Content Standards
District Initiatives
Model Curriculum
SIOP Implementation
Phase 1 Thoughtful planning=effective teaching
Explicit instruction enhances student learning.
Meaningful activities promote academic language.
Develop 21st Century skills in the CCSS: Critical thinking, problem-solving, work in teams, communicate in various ways, apply knowledge, analyze and synthesize data. Lesson prep
Building Background
Comprehensible Input

Activity: Dueling Flip Chart
Teams stand in a single file three feet from the flip chart.
On the “go” signal, the person in the front of the line will answer the question above with a word or phrase.
The teammate runs back and hands off the marker to the next person and goes to the back of the line.
The next team member runs and adds to the chart.
Continue until time is up.

(Example of pre-assessment activity before you begin a lesson)
SIOP is Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocal
Effective instructional model

Addresses the needs of ALL student learners

Makes content language comprehensible

SIOP Lessons help teachers plan and meet students’ academic and linguistic needs. Considerations Write questions or comments on post-it and place on labeled chart

Cell phones

Please remember to complete and return payroll voucher before you leave today.

Complete evaluation on My Learning Plan to receive PD hours.
Today's Objectives NJDOE ELL Scaffolded Model Curriculum

Review of SIOP Model Components

Participate in Instructional Activities and Strategies What do you think is SIOP? Eight Interrelated Components Content concepts appropriate for age and educational background level of students.
Use of supplementary materials that makes lesson clear and meaningful (realia, manipulatives, etc)
Adaptation of content to all levels of student proficiency (graphic organizers, study guides, taped texts, jigsaw reading, etc.)M
Meaningful and authentic activities that integrate lesson concepts with language practice opportunities (surveys, letter writing, making models, plays, games, etc.) Lesson Preparation continued Bloom's Taxonomy Overview of Lesson Preparation Clearly defined Content Objectives
"the What"


Language Objectives "the how" In designated groups discuss and write about the orange according to your sign:
1. Describe why you like or dislike oranges.
2. Describe the orange with similes or metaphors.
3. Describe the orange as if you are a mathematician.
4. Describe the orange as if you were a scientist 5. Describe the orange from a historical perspective.
Activity Ticket Out Complete SIOP Reflection Form
Write down one thing you learned today.
Put the ticket on the chart as you leave.
Remember to leave your signed voucher and complete evaluation on My Learning Plan.

Most importantly Thank You and have a Wonderful Evening!
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