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Group #1 - Strategic Audit of Apple Inc. & TECU Credit Union

Présentation de Google

Gabriella Bernard

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Group #1 - Strategic Audit of Apple Inc. & TECU Credit Union

Recommendations for Apple Inc.
Recommendations for TECU
Apple Inc & TECU Credit Union
Engineering, 135(5), 12-14.
Our history in depth. (n.d.). Retrieved from
https://sites.google.com/site/net205apples/google-business-model, site web, Google, 01/02/2013,
http://www.brocooli.com/decouvrir-le-business-model-de-google/, site web, Brocooli, 03/02/2013
#4 Evaluate and Assess Internal Environment / Analyze Internal Factors
Strategic Audit Model
#5 - Select Strategic Factors in Light of Current Situation
2. Review Corporate Governance
"Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"
Les débuts du web...
1996 : Création de BackRub,
2004 : 8 milliards d'entrées de pages indexées,
2005 : Lancement de Google Maps et Google Analytics,
2004 : Lancement de Gmail,
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
13 500
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
16/08/2011 : 12 500 000 000 $
Overall, Apple Inc. has been performing well for the past year as attested to in its return on investments (ROI) is 18.64 in 2010. With regards to profits for the year 2012 Apple Inc. made $ 41.733 billion in profits.
Apple Inc. Current Performance
Apple Inc. Strategic Posture
No objectives and long-term or short-term strategies were found pertaining to this company during this audit. It is assumed that the main objective of this business is to make a large percentage of profits.

Mission Statement is poor: “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.”
TECU Credit Union Current Performance
Overall, TECU has been performing reasonably well for the past year evident in its return on investments (ROI) for 2012 is 1.73. With regards to profits, in 2012 TECU has made $ 26,429,465 in profits.
TECU Credit Union Internal Environment
1. A) Evaluate current performance
1. B) Examine and evaluate the current mission, objectives, strategies and policies.
2. Review corporate governance (board of directors and top management).
3. A) Scan and assess external environment (natural, task and societal).
3. B) Analyze external factors (opportunities and threats).
4. A) Scan and assess internal environment (structure, culture, resources).
4. B) Analyze internal factors (strengths and weaknesses).
5. A) Select strategic factors (SWOT) in light of current situation.
5. B) Review and revise mission and objectives if necessary.
6. A) Generate and evaluate strategic alternatives.
6. B) Select and recommend best alternative.
7. Implement strategies via budgets, programs and procedures.
8. Evaluate and control.
Apple Inc.
TECU Credit Union
Apple Inc. IFAS Table
1. Evaluate Current Performance
Apple Inc.
TECU Credit Union
#6 - Generate and Evaluate Strategic Alternatives / Select and Recommend Best Alternative
TECU Credit Union Strategic Posture
No formal objectives and long-term or short-term strategies were accessible and as a result are not included in this audit. However, based on the mission and vision statements it can be deemed that an objective of the company is to make a profit by increasing its membership and encouraging the public to save their earnings.

TECU Credit Union's Mission Statement: "TECU Credit Union’s Mission is to promote thrift, generate excellent returns, provide a range of products that satisfies its members’ needs, and a quality of service that exceeds their expectations..."
Apple Inc. Corporate Governance
Tim Cook - CEO
Eddy Cue - Senior Vice President
Craig Federighi - Senior Vice President
Jonathan Ive - Senior Vice President
Peter Oppenheimer - Senior Vice President & CFO
Dan Riccio - Senior Vice President
Philip W. Schiller - Senior Vice President
Bruce Sewell - Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Jeff Williams - Senior Vice President
TECU Credit Union Corporate Governance
Ronald F. Jones:
Kent Byer: Vice President
Sandra Matthews-Noel:
Hon. Secretary
Mitra CAttai: Hon. Treasurer
Gemma Warner:
Gregory Cova:
Brent Zephyrine:
Leroy Fermin:
Leonard Chan Chow:
L. L. Hercules:
Peter J. Lyons:
#3 Evaluate and Assess External Environment / Analyze External Factors
Apple Inc. External Environment
Natural Physical Environment - During Apple’s operation in the year 2010, there were no forces from the natural physical environment that affected the corporation and the industries in which it competes.

Societal Environment - (Economic Forces) due to the economic recession in 2008-2009, Apple Inc. experienced a dramatic decline in sales. (Technological Forces) Apple believed that continued investment in research and development was critical to the enhancement of innovative products and technologies. (Political-Legal) Apple in 2010 was under legal proceedings that were not fully resolved. (Socio-Cultural) Apple’s products have been generally accepted by each region it operates.

Task Environment - threat of new entrants; bargaining power of buyers; threat of substitute products or services; bargaining power of suppliers; rivalry among competing firms; relative power of unions, government etc.
Tecu Credit Union External Environment
Natural Physical Environment - At present there are no natural environmental forces affecting TECU’s operations.

Societal Environment - (Economic Forces) due to the fall in income from investments, weak demands for credit despite low interest rates, and increased unemployment TECU has generated some uncertainty about the economy. (Political-Legal) laws and common operations may be altered, affecting the cooperation negatively. These possess a future threat to TECU Credit Union. (Socio-Cultural) TECU strives to impart cooperate learning among its membership.

Task Environment - threat of new entrants; bargaining power of buyers; threat of substitute products and services; bargaining power of suppliers.
Tecu Credit Union EFAS TABLE
Apple Inc. Internal Environment
Corporate Resources - (Marketing) Apple’s current marketing objective is to provide the best products and services within its industry. (Financing) Apple’s current financial objectives are to sell 1.4 billion smartphones & 375 million tablets from now until 2016. (R&D) some of Apple’s R&D objectives are: to achieve measurable growth in viable domestic and export markets & to develop production and marketing systems that deliver improved production efficiency. (Operations and Logistics) Apple’s current manufacturing objectives are to package their products in such a way that their customers would want to continue to buy its products and for those individuals that are not Apple users to convert from other suppliers. (HRM) Apple’s HRM objective is to generate revolutionary products by hiring experienced employees who are verse in the field of information technology. (IT) The IT manger ensures that those working in his department are performing according to their job specification.
Corporate Resources - (Marketing) some strategies they use to reach non-members are advertising on television, having announcements on the radio and even promotions within the company to increase sales. (Financing) TECU credit union financial strategy is to employ aggressive lending strategies in 2013. (R&D) TECU’s Research and Development Strategy is to help their community develop. (Operations and Logistics) TECU’s current service objectives are not only to become the best credit union in the Caribbean but to also provide a service to their community.
Strategic alternatives:
Continue without any change
Capitalize on the basis of virus free systems
Introduce speech recognition programs
Produce specific products through a strategic alliance
Customize products
TECU Strategic Alternatives:
Expansion of services
Good governance
Apple has been pioneering not only the features of standard operating systems and computer systems, but simultaneously reinventing the design standards as well. Where others focus on one aspect of the equation, Apple focuses on the entire product, and it shows. It is evident that the pros out weight the cons. Apple Inc should therefore consider rectifying the disadvantages in order to improve the company’s overall performance.
If TEC- U takes all these things into consideration their company will not only increase their exposure and improve company image, but they will also be able to maximize the profits available for their niche whilst also expanding their corporate portfolio thus adding new ways to generate profit.
#7 & #8 - Implement Strategies Via Budgets, Programs and Procedures & Evaluate and Control
Apple Inc
Apple Inc.
TECU Credit Union
TECU Credit Union
Apple Inc. Ratios
Apple Inc. Ratios
TECU Credit Union Ratios
TECU Credit Union Ratios
TECU Credit Union Ratios
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