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No description

Jesmyl Cordova

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of URBAN TRIBES

This urban tribe was born in he 60' with Vietnam
They wanted to be like Bob Marley
They procloum the peace and love
They don't like policians
They usually have long hair and they use lots of colours in their clothes

This urban tribes was born in England
There are lot of music groups
Sometimes they smoke canabis
They usually wear black t-shirt, lead jackets and jeans
This urban tribe was born on 90's
Now, there aren't many radical punks
In the bands sometimes they are mixed with heavies
Punks have anarchist ideology
They have big and colourful crests nd a lot of piercings and tattos
They usually wear skiped weather jackets, black t-shirt with a social slogan or simbol (amarchy, comuniste, music...)
Was born on 80's with punks
Urban tribes entended USA and Japan
They are pessimistics
They don't belive in religions
They have lot of piercings and black t-shirts
This urban tribe play paddle
They are wasteful
They wear trousers and sweater
They wear lot of accessories
Heavies music is louder than punks music
Punk crest usually is taller and longer than heavies crest
Heavies have longer pony tail than punks
Punks usually dye their hair in different colours
Punks often have more tatoos than heavies
Punks often have more piercing than heavies
Emo is more pessimistic than Posh
Posh is sportier than Emo
Posh is wasteful than Emo
Emos wear more piercing than Posh
Posh are believer than Emo
Heavies music is louder than Hippies
Hippies usually smoke more than heavies
Hippies wear more colours in their clothes Heavies
Both doesn't like police
Born in the 80s om punk
Sometimes go in special bars
They hear music from Bella Morte or black ice
Religious elements, black chothes of leather
They are apolitic
They admire everything about death and the occultism
They look violent tribe but they they are peaceful.
Born in Seattle in the 90s
They very interested in music
They like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth
They have a dirty look
Coloured t-shirt, ripped jeand, coloured shoes.
Gothics was born before than Grunger.
Gothics was born from punk than Grunger not born from punck.
Gothics wear religious elements than Grunger wear the opposite.
Grunger likes rock music than Gothics not likes this music.
Grunger are ecological than the Gothics aren't.
Gothics sometimes go to special bars than Grunger doesn't go to bars.
Gothics has violent look than Grunger has dirty look.
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