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Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home

Nowhere to Call Home - Alex Kurth
The beginning.
She was living the good life.
The stock market crashed.
They lost every thing.
Frankie's father killed himself.
Chapter 2
She lives in Philadelphia
The bank man came and told them the bad news
Hobos nick names are Bo's
Frankies first idea of being on the drag and hopping frieghts.
Chapter 3
Frankie has to move to Chicago.
All the servants have to move out
Chicago is also known as Big-Chi by bums and hobos
Hobos are called bums and drifters
Frankie gets on the train to chicago.
she gets off the train and cashes in here ticket.
She got into the cab.
she got out off the cab and ran.
she stoped runing.
chapter 6
She went to the store and bought herself some boys clothes
she went to the railroad yard and went into the shanty
in the shanty she took her clothes off and put her new clothes
She went out to the tracks and tried to hop into a car
a gaurd could see her so she waited till dark.
she woke to the sound of the train
chapter 7
Frankie hops the freight train.
she plays a nice sad tune.
Stewpot says thats a blue tune.
she gets a hoboish name.
Her new name is Frankie Blue.
Chapter 8
They are working for food at a farm
they go to the jungle.
Four more people join them.
they have their own language

Chapter 9
Why did red steal a chicken
They have to act fast to make trains.
why did red and his gang steal frances stuff
Chapter 10

Did red sell the stuff
did stew know that Blue was a girl.
will she confess

Chapter 11

Frankie bought cigar boxes
she bought a knife.
she fliped a train.
Chapter 12

She went to a mission.
she found out that stew knew her little secret.
missions are called flopper houses.
they found a refer full of oranges
Chapter 13
she was separated from stew pot.
they slept on the floor.
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