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Gopro Presentation

No description

Chenuil Camille

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Gopro Presentation

Finally An efficient marketing strategy

Innovative products

A small company that create a need Summary GoPro Company GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Commercial strategy Targeted customers

Close to lead users

Use new medias Company background Created in 2004 by Nick Woodman Inspired by a surfing trip Nick woodman capture the breath taking moments Compact camera waterproof and shockproof he is currently the CEO of the company "the cameras available were amateur in design" "the cameras could not get close enough to capture the action" "can't access to the high quality cameras at an affordable price" in Australia in 2002 the first camera was commercial in 2004 Background of the company

Product Feature

Commercial strategy Go Pro Hero HD 3 Company presentation Premium accessories Mounting Accessories Some figures Wifi Backpack LCD Backpack Battery Backpack 3D Hero System Handlebar Rollbar mount Suction cup mount helmet front mount Tripod Mount Surfboard mount curved adhesive mount fat adhesive mount grab bag of mounts Wall charger Other accessories Rechargeable batteries memory card lens replacement kit anti-frog inserts 3D lens glasses HDMI cables Where is it located Kind of company The competition Some characteristics Very small : 60*41*30 (mm)

Very light : 74 g (with battery)

Wide angle of view : 170 °

Able to film with 240 pps

Best Quality : 3840x2160 pixels Some characteristics A real improvement compared with
the precedent model (Hero 2) Size : -30%

Weigh : -25%

Best quality x4

Able to film with 240 pps
( against 120 for Hero 2)

Twice as sensitive in low light (Ultra High Definition) Targeted customers Focused on a specific market
- Sports performers
- Extreme sports

Adapt products for them
- "Made by sports addicts for sports addicts"
- Give them : robustness, footage quality, ease of use

Main argument against concurrence VS Sony HDR-AS15 GoPro Hero 2 279€ 299€ Also many fixing accessories Close to lead users 1 : Famous sportmen use GoPro cameras.

2 : They share videos

3 : They influence amateurs to do videos

4 : They buy the same than their idol 2001 Media used for ad Officials and unofficials Videos on Youtube

Social networks

Community sites and forums Head Handlebar Bust telescopic
(2m) 2001 First prototype Comparison Half Moon Bay in United States

50 employees Private company
Capital of 2.5 billions $

Steamboat and other companies have invested in Gopro
Nicholas Woodman is the main shareholder

Recently, foxconn has invested 200 million $
Owns 8.8% of Gopro company Contour good fixation
pioneer in WiFi connexions Drift Innovation Screen
cheeper mini-camera Camsports French company
Low cost (99E) Sony Quality in most of people minds But Gopro is the leader in its category:
95% of the portable cameras
32% of utra-compact cameras 500 employees 250 millions $ of benefits in 2011 Revenue of 600 millions $ in 2012 The company presentation Where is it located
kind of company
Some figure
The competition
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