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No description

Grace Hermann

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of Cyber-Bully

Cyber-Bullying Project Cyber-Bullying Definition When a person is threatened, tormented, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or targeted they are being bullied. When someone is Cyber-Bullied, they are threatened, tormented, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or targeted online, or by text. Cyber-Bullying Statistics As of 2006, 1 in 3 teens and 1 in 6 preteens have been cyber-bullied. 42% of kids have been bullied online, 1 in 4 kids said that they have been bullied online more than once. The main site for cyber-bullying is in chat rooms, where 56% of cyber-bulling happens. If someone is being cyber-bullied they should... Video If someone you know is being cyber-bullied you should... Citations Bullying Statistics. "Bullying Statistics 2010." - Bullying Statistics. Bullying Statistics, 2009. Web. 4 Apr. 2012. <http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/bullying-statistics-2010.html>.

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Tell a trusted adult
Talk to a teacher, a counselor, a family member, or a friend.
Save the message!!!! In some states cyber-bullying is ILLEGAL!! In Michigan for example, a cyber-bully could go to jail for 2 years and pay a fine of five-thousand dollars!
If you are being cyber-bullied on Facebook or MySpace, report abuse from the person bullying you.
Keep them away from the cyber-world. If they're not there, they can't be bullied.

2.7 million students being bullied each year.
Over half of the people that receive hurtful bullying messages online say that they were hurt by the message. So don't think what you say is a joke, think before you post! If they won't tell their parents, tell yours. It is always better if an adult knows. They can help solve the problem and make sure no one does anything irrational.
Tell them to ignore the messages, the more the person is hurt, the more successful the bully. Don't let the bully win. Tell them to block the bully's messages if they are in a chat room. Block the bullies messages! STOP CYBER-BULLYING!!!! Make a difference! Cyber-bullying is a problem! Help to stop cyber-bulying! DON'T BE A BULLY! They say actions speak louder than words...words speak pretty loud too.
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