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Registration Process (IM Chairs Lesson 1)

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Campus Recreation

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of Registration Process (IM Chairs Lesson 1)

Intramural Sports IM Chair Training Session 1: Registration Process
Sign-up process
Communication methods
Words of Wisdom
Process Explained
How to fill out registration form

Friendly advice

*Familiarize yourself with imleagues.com/tcu and download their mobile app,
it will save you a ton of time!
Communication Methods
Before play
Teams who do not communicate
before noon the day of their game (or before 5pm on Friday for teams who play on Sundays)
will be charged a $20.00 forfeit fine
for not showing up to play. This will be due before their next scheduled game.
If communication does happen properly, we will declare it a default and no fee will be applied
. Defaults are better so that the opponents can be contacted and told not to show up, and the staff can be reorganized to not waste their time either.
Teams may also pay via send home forms if a participant is willing to charge it to their account, but a decline on the charge will result in an additional $15.00 administration fine.
During the game
Protests and/or clarifications can be made through captains or IM Chairs as long as the communication is respectful and not legitimate.
The staff is trained to respond to questions so that participants have the info they need to compete properly and legally.
After play
The administration can be reached through email, phone, and by appointments, so don't be afraid to reach out if needed.
Thank you for signing up for our leagues!
Without you and your friends signing up to play, we would not have the opportunity to provide competition through leagues and events for the campus!
If you ever feel like your needs are not being met, please let us know so that we can do our best to provide the horned frog community with the fun and safe play it deserves!

In the meantime...
If you have any thoughts, or need additional support from us, here is our contact info:
Email: s.tate@tcu.edu
Phone: 817-257-7529
any imleagues.com problems, please use the live chat option on the site... they are paid to be accessible for you!
As an intramural chair/organization representative, you have significant sway on
we offer,
we offer it,
things happen, and
gets to participate, so
please don't underestimate the value of your role!
Words of Wisdom
You are the chairs,
the captains, so do what you can to help them get going, but
make the teams do their jobs too!

We care about your events
(don't want to compete),
so tell us what you have planned!
The sooner you know when your major happenings are, the better the chance we have to avoid them or move things around so we both have great turn outs!

Sportsmanship is a choice
, so please help us keep our leagues fun and free of unsporting conduct.
It is far better for you to handle it as a chair than for us.

The earlier you work on dates and sign-ups, the less of a headache they'll be.
It isn't the most important thing of your life, but there are multiple times where teams that a chair wants to sign up get turned away because they waited too long... don't be
Filling out a registration form
Get a copy of the registration flyer

for sport/event of your choice.
If it is one of our major team leagues (like Flag Football or Outdoor Soccer),
review the options for days and times of play

for the league of your choice. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
Typically, the options will be Men's (competitive or recreational), Women's, Co-Rec/Open, or Res Hall (only for dorm-affiliated participation).

After confirming with your teammates or members
work with the recreation office staff to complete the form
in its entirety
This can include team name, captain, alternate captain/IM Chair, organization, contact info for the captain (phone number, email, and tcu id for verification purposes), and the questionnaire about how you or your members heard about the particular event you are signing up for.
Pay for your team and review the returned portion of the flyer
for the vital info you'll need to share with your team.
It will contain directions on how to create teams on IMLeagues.com, general rules that will help you and your teammates pass the sport quiz, and the date(s) of play for your event.
Registration is first come, first serve, and the payment is what confirms your registration
, so don't wait until the last minute to sign your organization up for the events... it will make your life much easier to get it out of the way early!
The info we are asking for helps us hold the right people accountable for the teams you create, so
don't sign up as the captain for multiple teams in the same sport
... otherwise, we will only ever be able to reach you instead of the women or men who you actually put on the team
We are after quality of participation, not quantity.
Basically, we don't want you to register 40 teams for your organization unless you have enough people to fill 40 teams.
It is far better to sign up 3 teams that will make every game than it is to make 5 teams and have 2 of them forfeit out
Identify a responsible and/or interested person to run the team for you as the captain.
This person will need to invite the rest of the team to the team through imleagues.com, and this is essential for making sure the season starts smoothly.
While the captain can add players until they hit the cap, only a one of the IM Sports administration staff can take players off a team... so that captain will need to email us to have someone removed
Friendly Advice
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