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on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Montana!!!!!!

Montana By: Maraeya!!
Historical Facst of Montana
Geographic Location
10 fun facts about the state!
Montana means " mountain " in spanish
The population is 1,005,141
the state bird is the Western meadowlark
state tree is ponderosa pine
Bittorroot is the state flower. It was voted to be state flower in 1895.
The state animal is the Grizzly bear
the state butterfly is mourning cloak
The capitol is Helena
The gonvener is Steve Bullock
the state gemstones are Sapphire and Agate
Wheat is Montana's leading crop. Barley oats, and shugger beats are important as well. Montana's also harvest the states largest fortlands, producing lumber, plywood and paper products. But the biggest part of Montana's econamy involves service industries. Montanas colorfull history and scenic beauty contribute to a thrivign tourist!
Montana became known as the Treasure State because of its mineral resources. The minerals that contribute the most to the state’s economy today are coal, oil, natural gas, platinum, palladium, and gold. But there are other “treasures” in Montana.
labled maps....
this is a full map of Montana
this is a population map of Montana.
Economic location....
Stillwater Palladium Mine
In 1995, Wolves are returned to Yellowstone National Park
In 2000 summer wildfires burn nearly one million acres and destroyed hundreds of homes
In 1916, Montana elects Jeannette Rankin , the first female member of the U.S congress
Yellowstone National Park ....
Yellowstone National Park was the first national park inside the United States. It was established as a national park by congress on March 1, in year 1872 to help show wildlife and showcase the differant geothermic features all over the park. Below Yellowstone Lake has big valcano causing huge amounts of geothermic of crazy motion. In 1988 Yellowstone park descoverd a heartbreaking fire that burned 36% of the park. Fighting the fires cost the United States way over $120 million but it never ever stoped the fire.
This is Yellowstone National Park when the valcano made geothermic activaty....
Here is a picture of the fire Yellowstone park was having a hard time with.
This is a wind power recourse map of Montana.......
Here is a Precipitation map of Montana
Political Location...
Helena is the capitol of Montana! Helena has amazing views! The population of Helena is 29,134. Helena haas lots of snow and trees.
This is Helena.
Road trip distance
Castle mountain is my geographic location.
castle mountain is a beartooth mountain in the city of Montana. Its in the southwast region. There is big horn sheep, lots of birds and snakes!
This is Castle Mountain
Choice location...
Glacier National Park is my choice location. The area is 1,600 sq miles. The park is home to 70 speices of mamals. There are 200 speices of birds.
This is Glacier National Park!
The govener of Montana is Steve Bullock. In Montana every year the govener throws political parties. He has been govener for a 3 years. He was born April 11, 1966.
This is Steve bullock
Stillwater Palladiam to Yellowstone national park is 172 miles
Yellowstone national park to Castle Mountain is 219 miles
Castle mountain to Helena is 99.7miles
Helena to Glacier national park is 196 miles
Glacier national park to WCE is 931 miles
The total road trip distance is
2,625 miles.
Video Time!!
Thanks for Watching
Historic location
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