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Thank You M'am

No description

Kiella Lancaster

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Thank You M'am

The title,Thank You Ma'am, shows how Roger thanks Ms.luella for what she has done for him; teaching him to be well mannered and saying thank you for still giving him the 10$ for the Blue Suede shoes. Thank You Ma'am Characters: Setting: Ms.Luella:
Ms.Luella's internal conflict is her deciding whether or not to take Roger to jail.
She doesn't take him to jail, instead she takes him to her house and lets him wash his face and eat some food.
Ms.Luella' external conflict is her trying to teach Roger to be more polite and never try to steal again.
She teaches him to be polite and teaches him a lesson overall. Conflicts: Cause and Effect Relationships:
Ms.Luella yanks Roger buy his collar, because he tries to steal her purse.

Ms.Luella takes Roger to her home, because she wants to teach him right from wrong.

Roger decides to stay with Ms.Luella, because he wants to except what she has to offer.

Ms.Luella gives Roger the 10$ for the shoes, because she nice like that and wants that to be an incentive for him to never try to steal again. Symbolism:
In my point of view, the shoes symbolize Ms. Luella,
because she gave him the 10$ to actually buy the shoes.
Optimistic Literary Terms:
Idioms and Expressions
1st person point of view
Conflict The story takes place in Harlem in the late 1850s. Ms. Luella is at the parking lot when approached by Roger. She take him to her house to help him. Ms.Luella:
An independent African American women longing for child. She is a teacher and has taught Roger well manners after he tried to still her big purse she was carrying. She is forgiving and gives Roger the money to buy the shoes in the end. Roger:
An ignorant skittish Afican American boy that does not know better. He wants some new shoes but does not have the money. He tries to steal it from Ms. Luella but gets caught. He winds up getting the money in the end with a lesson well learned. Roger:
Roger's internal conflict is whether or not he should take off running, or except the blessings Ms.Luella provides him with.
He decides to stay.
Roger's external conflict is that he doesn't have the money to get the shoes he wants.
Ms.Luella winds up giving him the money. Exposition:
Roger needs money to get some blue sued shoes. Rising Action:
Roger spots a women with a big purse and decides to go take it. Climax:
Ms.Luella, the lady with
the big purse, catches him. Falling Action:
Instead of punishing him she takes him home, feeds and lets him wash himself. Resolution:
Ms.Luella give him the 10$ for the shoes and forgives him. Thank you Ma'am is a short story piece of fine art.One late afternoon in a parking lot of Harlem, Roger, a little black boy, attempts to still Ms.Luella's, a black women, big brown purse. Ms.Luella catches him though. She's having a problem of deciding whether or not to take him to jail. She decides to take him to her home and provide him with food, while allowing him to wash his dirty face.While eating she tells him about her job and how she is a blessed woman. After eating, she gives him the 10$ and tells him to stay out of trouble. She shows him the door while he's trying to thank her. Summary: Langston Hughes:
1902-1967 This is Fine Literature because............:
How Langston Hughes write this story makes it just so right and it just flows along with the reader's mind. Usually I'd have to reread a story twice to fully comprehend it even if it is short or long, but this story I read once and understood everything about it. I love how he uses dialect to show where the story is coming from and he uses it correctly. I can feel the great spirit of him when I read this. Langston Hughes is one of the most influential African American writers in the entire world.He first became recognized when working at his job as a busboy he accidentally left 3 of his poems laying at a table in which poet Vachel Lindsay was dining. She presented some the work and Huges career began. He went on to creating novels, short stories, plays, songs, and poetry. He know is known as one of the best African American writers of all time. Funny because use of dialect
Teaches you a lesson
Can put smile on your face
Get vibes of the people from Harlem
Shows how some African American people make it Reasons you should read this story: Sources:
Literature text book
Family and friends THE END!!!!! Plot Structure: By:Markiella Lancaster
L.A. Period 4
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