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Emily Goodyear

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of FADS

Fads of the 70's! AND THATS ALL FOLKS! WOOO! YA!
Can You Dig It? Streaking - one of the earliest arcade video games
- was first developed by Atari
- game was improved to make more challenging (ball moved faster, paddles didn't reach top of screen, etc)
- first placed in a tavern and
became popular instantly
- home versions were made
- led to the start of the
video game industry Ping.......... PONG! Some of these fads still exist today, like Twister, some as popular as they were in the 70's, some not quite. Some fads have gone away for a while and come back, like mood rings.
The fact that our society has these fads which everyone likes shows our need for conformity. We need to have someone tell us what is right and cool and then everyone needs to like it just like we do. Some of these fads, like lava lamps, bean bag chairs, and glass eating, show we are unpractical, and we don't mind wasting resources and ourselves on things that are merely decorative or for fun. Lava Lamps Thumbs up! - Hitch hiking is the act of walking along a highway trying to catch a ride with a

- Started in the Great Depression.

-People wanted to travel within their country more.

-Happens less today because of horror stories, and children taught not to get rides from strangers. Pop Rocks Rock! _ was invented by Edward Craven-Walker

-they are considered a novelty item

- is a glass jar of clear liquid with coloured
wax inside

- the wax blobs move up and down as
the density of the liquid gets hotter

- They come in a large range of colours and
shapes Disco Music - Was playing in almost every club, and was very popular with the African American, Latino, gay, and Psychedelic communities

- Was a recreation of the domination of rock music and dance music

- Was the style combined from funk, soul, rock and pop music, they combined them together

- songs like, rock the boat,
kung fu fighting, Soul Makossa,
and many others Twister Collage fads Mood Rings Bean Bag Chairs - foam chair created in 1965
- 1969 bean bag chair created
- pear-shaped bag filled with beads
- 1970's chairs hit department stores
- chairs fit to body
- doctors recommended it and therapists liked using them Glass Eating Welcome Back Kotter - A hit Comedy TV series, had a rating of 7/10

- first produced in 1975, and lasted four seasons until 1979, and was produced by Alan Snacks

- first episode was on September 9, 1975, and the last episode was August 10 1979.

_ Was aired by the Komack company
inc, and the wolper productions inc,
as well as distributed by the Warner
brothers - started by Tim Rossovich (linebacker for Philadelphia Eagles)
- liked to pull stunts
- ate glass to show how tough he was (beer mugs, lightbulbs, etc.)
- Harvard student wanted to try
- other students joined in
- Harvard authorities put a quick stop to fad
- why was this popluar? - first case of streaking in
1804 by a student in
- 1974, streaks took place
around the world
- buttons, pins, patches, and wristwatches produced
- Robert Opel streaked during 46th Academy Awards
- during and after streaking fad tv shows, cartoons ,etc. would joke about streaking (example: Three's company, Quantum Leap)
- streaking fad linked to sexual revolution & as a backlash toward feminism -The fortune telling, and used for seeking advice

-Was created in 1975 by 2 new York inventors

-They bonded liquid crystals with quartz stones to set the rings

-They were first sold at the Bonwitt Teller with silver and gold

-The purpose of the ring is to tell the mood of the person wearing it, it does this by detecting body temperature -Tetherball, also known as swingball.
-could be played by yourself, or with other people. This allowed unsociable people (the nerds, losers, and unpopular) to escape from bullies and others to have a fun 'sport' to tell their parents they were training for.
-The only rules for tetherball are these: Each player has their own half. The server hits the ball, and the other player must wait until the server hits the ball again or the rope is around the pole four times. Then players hit back and forth, until the rope has been wrapped around the pole. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwBKjK7Xik0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVS3WNt7yRU
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