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Arab Spring

No description

tesse de boer

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Arab Spring

Ignition of the Arab Spring

Why is youth bulge theory not widely used in solving the Arab problems?
Mohammed Bouazizi
Causes of the Arab Spring
Youth unemployment caused by Youth bulges
Combination of factors:

Old, authoritarian regimes

Increased socio-economic pressure on households

High (youth) unemployment
Stress on labour markets

No smooth college - work transition

Youth Risk Factor Index
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A troubled relationship
The Arab Spring and Youth Bulges
No consensus on definitions and measurements

Result: contradictory studies, different findings and overall irrelevance
Controversy around Youth Bulge Theory
Explanation of Youth Bulge Theory

Causes of the Arab Spring

Youth Bulges as a cause for the protests

Controversy within Youth Bulge research

Youth Bulge Theory

Youth Bulge Theory
A high percentage of young people (15-24) in a population, caused by high fertility rates combined with a drop in death rates

Youth bulges as the cause of the violence
Large youth cohorts + Socio-economic problems

Quantity of research featuring Youth Bulge research
Inadequate policy -> Increased risk of violence
15-24 year-olds vs. total population
15-24 vs. total working population
15-29 year-olds vs. total population
- Youth Bulges might have (co-)caused the Arab Spring

- Policy recommendations can not yet be implemented

- Youth bulge Research should reassess

Thank you for your attention!
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