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Xerox Europe Storyboard

Driving the user journey with Natural Language Interaction from Artificial Solutions

Robin Smith

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Xerox Europe Storyboard

Meet Jane.

Jane is the Office Manager for a small Accountancy firm, Parker Associates. Jane's office printer, a WorkCentre 7242, has been playing up recently. She opens the Xerox Support website to see if she can sort the problem out herself The page is a bit overwhelming, and Jane doesn't know where to start... ... despite a link to Jane's question about image quality being hidden on the page However, after a few seconds a Virtual Assistant appears Jane asks the virtual assistant The conversation continues...

(For simplicity just the dialogue will be shown) OK. I can help with that. Let me ask you a few questions to diagnose the problem. Are there lines on the print or copy? Yes, white ones. Skipping Jane has already told the VA the colour of the lines, so it doesn't ask this question. If Jane hadn't given this information, the VA would have prompted for it. Context Aware The VA intelligently knows that the question relates to the WorkCentre 7242 and has been trained to diagnose the problem with no human involvement. How frequently are the lines repeating? Every 9cm. OK, and does this occur when printing, scanning or copying? Copying and printing. OK. You need to replace the second Bias Transfer role. I've opened up instructions in the background to guide you through this. Would you like me to email the link as well? Yes please. What is your email address? jane@parkerassociates.co.uk Thanks Jane. I've emailed the instructions to you as well. One question. How would you rate the service I have provided today? Excellent Thanks for that. By the way, there are some special offers on offer for spare cartridges at the moment. Shall I email you the vouchers? Please do. Unstructured Conversations The VA can respond to the question and continue to drive the process in a very humanlike way. The VA can either drive the navigation of the underlying site / knowledge base or use "extended view" to display additional content Guided Navigation Perform actions The Teneo platform can not only answer questions, but perform additional actions like email additional information. Collecting real "voice of the customer" feedback is possible, and in fact more likely with this type of engagement. Surveys Upsell Whilst fully engaged, the Teneo platform can also be used to upsell to end users.
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