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The Celestial Globe

No description

Cheryl Gunness

on 14 November 2010

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Transcript of The Celestial Globe

The Celestial Globe by Marie Rutroski Characters
Major Characters

John Dee Minor Characters

Mikal Kronos
Prince Rodolfo
Margaret Major Settings

The Pacolet
John Dee's house Summary
After Petra steals back her father's
eyes, the prince sends his monsters,
the Gray Men, to attack her. John Dee
rescues her through a loophole created
by his daughters. Dee calls Ariel, a fairy, to
show Petra and she said words that didn't
make sense to Petra, but she was really
predicting a murder.

Meanwhile, Tomik accidentally goes through
a loophole and comes on a ship run by gypsies
along with Neel, who are searching for the
Celestial Globe. Along the way, they run into Petra,
who helps find the celestial globe.

What is the murder? Where is the Celestial Globe?
Are the mysteries related somehow? Find out in The
Celestial Globe, book two of The Kronos Chronicles! Realistic Events Kit teaches Petra fencing The Queen Organizes a Winter Ball Gabriel Thorn is murdered Unrealistic Events Ariel the fairy appears The prince sends monsters to
attack Petra Tomik goes through a loophole The End Pictures from Google
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