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Copy of My Personal Mission Statement

Statement describing my Mission that is Personal and of which is mine.

Josh Veenstra

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of My Personal Mission Statement

I will do the little things that
make peoples' day better.
I will use my skills to not only
help people, but help them
develop their own skills.
I will be optimistic and see
the good in others.
I will help people see the good
in themselves.
I value learning an discovering
new and exciting things.
I value how I spend my time and
what I want to do with my life.
I value my friendships.
I value myself and aim to take care
of myself as best as possible.

I believe that you should always be yourself,
but I can't promise that everyone will like you.
I believe that everyone can have something
important to say. Likewise, everyone can be
stupid sometimes.
I believe that people change and we shouldn't
be too surprised when they do.
I am going to grow in knowledge
and learn something new, every day.
I am going to enjoy what I do professionally, but
not allow it to impact my personal life.
I am going to value my personal relationships,
and contribute positivly to the lives of those I love
I am going to try to be myself, transparent and
as authentic as possible
I am going to do my best to love myself.
"Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted."
Personal Mission Statements
I'm at my best when...
I'm at my worst when...
What do I really love to do...
Natural Talents...
I can do anything...
My life's journey...
Who I hope to be...
My greatest contribution to those around me...
Bringing more into my life...
Things just for me...
Was this something that I pretty much did anyway?
Is this something I can do from this point on?
What would I change, knowing what happened this year?
Have my priorities or values changed over the course of the year?
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