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Midnight Chill

No description

Brittney Alexander

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Midnight Chill

External WHY? 1 in 2 men 90%
consume ice cream Enjoy at least 1 -2 beverages after work Who Are We Targeting + 2010 2011 2012 2013 alcohol product consumption steadily increases by 3% Overall Environment PROMOTION College Educated High Income alcohol-infused whipped cream Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots Age: 21-35 it becomes more general to add alcohol to food, people show great interests in these stuff. Cookies of X-Mas -- Nightcap Fudge interests desire buyers it is a potential and valuable market Positive Harmful Internal Different kinds of products targeted toward both men and women Including a low-fat Frozen Greek yogurt including Skinny Girl Vodka ™
Offer national shipping through website New venture -Lack of experience
Lack of brand-awareness compared to competitors
Seasonal durability of the industry Huge number of potential customers
Target market is very active on social media, this offers a very effective and inexpensive mean of advertising
Increasing in demand for alchohol Three main competitors
Legal implications of including alcohol in product Strengths Weakness Opportunity Threats PRICE Penetration Pricing Strategy enter market at a lower price
gain market share The Boss Skinny B* Pineapple Paradise PRODUCT Frozen Vanilla Yogurt
Raspberry swirls
Skinny Girl vodka Lime Sorbet
Petron Tequila vanilla ice cream
pineapple pieces
malibu rum Lumberjack PLACE Liquor stores
Online shopping PRODUCT Alcohol-infused
4 main flavors
Includes 2 seasonal flavors
Sold in 1.75 Liter container
Includes a high end modern logo Chocolate ice cream
Jack Daniels whiskey Over 50 million views Her demographic = our target market 3rd most subscribed
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