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a brief history of time

chapter 10: wormholes and time travel

Annika U

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of a brief history of time

As two cosmic strings move past each other at a amazingly fast rate. Cosmic stings are like rubber bands. It was a side affect of the Big Bang. They are under a lot of pressure, millions and millions of tons. If a cosmic string was attached to the earth then it would be able to excelerate at a speed of 120 miles per 0.60 of a second. Chapter ten: Wormholes and Time Travel A Brief History Of Time The Shape of Time The Possibility Of Time Travel Wormholes Kurt Godel The Conditions for Time Travel The idea of time travel was put out when H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine. A book about a man that goes back in time. Einstein thought that the universe would not allow time travel but the studies that he and Godel did, proved that it is a possibility. Other studies have shown that if the world could be put into the conditions that it was in originally, it would be a possibility. However that just plays a small role in our reach for time travel. Wormholes let you get to Point A to point B
then back again without the event in Point A to start. The first sign that time travel is possible came in 1949. When Kurt Godel (a mathematician) proved that all statements cannot be proved as true. This meant that we could never truly understand the universe. Kurt and Einstein investigated general relativity at the institute of advanced study at Princeton University. Godel played big role in figuring out a way to travel in time. Godel found that the universe was not rotating. By Piper Streit and Annika Utoft When the Universe was first created the
possibility of time travel was possible,
so scientists believe if they can recreate
those conditions time travel will be a little
less far from our reach. Even if we can recreate it
there are so many elements we cannot capture perfectly. Everybody has always thought of time being a perfectly straight line, but in reality there is many twists and turns that can take us to different points in time. Time is something we can't control. The shape of time is not certain. Point A Point B But in order to get from Point A to Point B you must break the speed of light because if you did not it would take an extraordinary amount of time to get to the other Point, but what scientists have thought was if we had a Wormhole (another form of time travel)
we could more easily get from one point in space and time to another point. Point A Point B Into the wormhole And out the other end in very little time. What people thought was the shape of time. The shape of time that is most likely correct. A wormhole is basically a rip in space that can get you from one point to another in a very short period of time without breaking the speed of light. What is a Wormhole? What is a black hole and a white hole? Ever wonder where something
that gets sucked into a black hole goes?
Well it goes into a white whole. A black hole is a massive object, formed at the very beginning of The Universe and some of them are formed when a star explodes so that the gravitational field is very very intense so much that no electromagnetic radiation can escape therefore gravity collapses so that part of The Universe tears and a black hole is formed. (dictionary.com) The End How is a Wormhole Created? A Wormhole is created when a white hole and a black hole collide. Thus forming a wormhole in which to travel in time and space. Cosmic Strings
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