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Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

the different themes coverd within the novel

Jake Bradley-smith

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

Strange Meeting Themes Susan Hill, looks at many
different themes within
her novel of Strange Meeting trench conditions:
"we are covered in fleas..."
"bodies piled like sandbags"
these, quotes show some of the
bad conditions of the trenches even though some people doubt the theme
of love, i believe it creeps up a little bit,
"i couldn't take my eyes off him"
"i trusted him...." its showing how Hilliard
loves Barton so much as a friend and a comrad. family is also a big theme within strange meeting,
the novel shows with great detail, how opposing Bartons
and Hilliards life is, however the further within the book,
the more similarities come out between them.
"i dont want my sister to marry the lawyer"
-their parents dont really care about how they are in war...
"your quite wrong john, you have been riding, dont you remember?
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