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Vegetation Regions

No description

Mr. Stack

on 31 March 2018

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Transcript of Vegetation Regions

Tundra Region
Types of Plants
Most common plants found in the tundra are the lichens, mosses, sedges, perennial forbs, and dwarfed shrubs.
Types of Tundras
There are three types of tundras.
The Alpine tundra ( The tundra which does not contain trees because of high altitude )
The Antarctic tundra ( The tundra which is filled with ice fields and only contains lichens, mosses, liver-worts, and algae species )
The Arctic tundra ( The tundra which is frozen for most of the year and only contains mosses and lichens )
Desert Region
Types of Deserts
Sub-tropical Desert ( The desert which has high temperatures, minimal precipitation, and warm soil )
Coastal Desert ( A desert which is more hospitable than all other deserts in temperature and rainfall )
Cold Winter Desert ( They have long, dry summers and cold winters with low rain or snowfall )
Polar Desert ( The desert that is found at either poles )
Semi-desert ( which is similar to a desert but has more precipitation and is found at the edge of deserts and has steppes which are clads of grass)
Types of Plants
The most common plants found in the desert are the
Barrel Cactus.
Brittle Bush.
Chainfruit Cholla.
Creosote Bush.
Crimson Hedgehog Cactus.

Rainforest Region
Types of Rainforests
The Temperate Rainforest ( The rainforest with a warm and wet climate )
The Tropical Rainforest ( The rainforest that is only found in temperate zones and has a chilly weather)
Types of Plants
Most common plants that are found in the rainforest are trees, bromeliads, vines, and epiphytes ( which are grown in many forms like cacti, ferns, mosses, lichens and orchids ).
Tropical rainforests are located in Latin America, South Asia, Pacific Islands, and West Africa. Temperate rain forests are located in United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, and southern Australia. Also a temperate rainforest stretches from oregon to alaska in 1,200 miles.
North America
South America
The tundra region is located near the north pole. It is precisely found in Russia and the upper side of Canada.
Deciduous Forest Region
Types of Deciduous Forests
The Temperate Deciduous Forest ( The deciduous forest which have a great seasonable temprature )
Tropical and Subtropical Deciduous Forest ( The deciduous forest known for seasonal rainfall patterns )
Types of Plants
There are three lairs of the deciduous trees. There is the forest floor, which has lichen, moss, ferns, wildflowers and other small plants. There is the middle level which is filled with shrubs. Last there is the third level which is made up of hardwood trees like maple, oak, birch, magnolia, sweet gum and beech.
Coniferous Forest Region
Types of coniferous forests
There is only the temperate coniferous forest ( A coniferous forest which is found in temperate regions )
Types of Plants
The most common plants in the coniferous forests are mosses, ferns, forbs, conifers, and cone-bearings.
Coniferous forests are located in about 50 degrees latitude north and the Arctic circle.
Savannah Region
Types of savannahs
Tropical and subtropical savannas ( The savannahs which are found in all continents, besides Antarctica )
Temperate savannas ( The savvanahs found in temperate regions )
Mediterranean savannas ( The savvanahs found in are mid-latitude savannas in Mediterranean climate regions, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers
Flooded savannas ( Savannas that are flooded seasonally or year-round )
Montane savannas ( Savannas that are mid- to high-altitude savannas, located in a few spots around the world's high mountain regions )
Types of Plants
Acacia Senegal.
Bermuda Grass.
Candelabra Tree.
Elephant Grass.
Gum Tree Eucalyptus.
Jackalberry Tree.
Jarrah tree.
The savannahs are located in Africa, South America, India, and Australia.
Mediterranean Region
Mediterranean scrubland.
Cork oak tree.
Californian Chaparral.
Protoea flower
Types of Mediterranean Plants
The mediterranean region is located in California, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and the Mediterraneann Basin
Mediterranean Region
Vegetation Around the World
By: Yahvi Johri
Hope you liked it!
I have now understood the vegetation regions around the world!
Latin America
Pacific Islands
South Asia
West Africa
New Zealand
Southern Australia
Oregon to Alaska
The tundra ecosystem is a treeless, snow-covered region which can be found in the arctic and on top of mountains. It is a cold and very windy region.
The rainforest is a tall and dense forest recieving a humungous amount of rain.
A region which is known for it's dryness and lack of rain.
The forest which has trees that shed their leaves annually
A grassy plain which has very few trees
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