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SPSU Orientation 2011

Welcome to Southern Polytechnic State University!

Erika Payne

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of SPSU Orientation 2011

Services Dining Services Housing & Residence Life University Transportation Bookstore Hornet Cards The time has finally come... Your future choices
as an upperclassman... Apparel Save Time, Order Online! We Accept: Where can I park this thing? To pick up your decal you will need:
Photo ID
License Plate Number
Know the make, model, & color of your vehicle University Transportation Located upstairs in the Student Center Don't be this guy... F.Y.R.E. First Year Residential Experience Emerging Leaders Pizza with the President
Ice Skating Trips
Video Game Tournaments Meal Plans
19 Meals + $50 Dining Dollars**
14 Meals + $200 Dining Dollars**
10 Meals + $400 Dining Dollars
8 Meals Value Packs & Flex Dollars
are also available
for purchase! ** Freshmen living on campus are required to obtain the 19 or 14 meal plan. Meet your new best friend. What can your ID do for you?

Building/Room Access
Access Meal Plan, Dining Dollars & Flex Dollars
Use at vending machines
Pay to Print
Use Hornet Bucks everywhere on campus
Gives you access to the gym
Scores you discounts off campus Hornet Bucks Similar to a debit card
Never expire, roll over from semester to semester/ year to year
Load & manage from online account
Use everywhere on campus: Bookstore, Stinger's Restaurant, Campus Dining Locations, vending machines, pay to print... Dining Dollars Come with purchase of meal plan, cannot be purchased seperately
Used at Stinger's Restaurant and other dining locations on campus
Expires at the end of the semester along with your meal plan Flex Dollars Great option for commuters
Expire at the end of the academic year (after Spring Semester)
Can be used at Stinger's Restaurant and all other campus dining locations
All food purchased using Flex Dollars is tax free Bookstore We Match Prices! Textbooks Supplies Dorm Accessories Snacks We Accept: Located downstairs in Joe Mack Wilson Student Center Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm
Friday - 8:30am to 3:00pm We match prices with other bookstores! How do I order my textbooks? Buy them online at
Order them while registering for classes online
Come into the bookstore and buy them directly Residence Life at SPSU Annual Ski Trip!
Go Big Weekends!
Video Game Tournaments!
Much, Much More! Scared you're going to miss out on the "freshman experience"? No worries... There is still time to apply for housing! Meet somebody that would make the perfect roommate for you? How to Request a Roommate Return to your housing application through your Banner account

Then make sure your friend goes to their application on their Banner to accept the request! Insert your friend's First and Last name, their Student ID# and their birthday All requests must be accepted by August 1st to be considered! Make sure both you and your friend have selected to live in the same room type on your applications! Room assignments will be emailed out the first week of August Resident mailboxes are available! Can you explain the difference between Hornet Bucks, Flex Dollars and Dining Dollars? Value Pack Options:
100 Meals
50 Meals
25 Meals *If you run out or want more, no problem! Add more at any time! Flex Dollar Options:
Buy $250 Flex & get $275
Buy $100 Flex & get $107.50
Buy $50 Flex & get $52.50 Questions? Hornet Bucks are also accepted! Textbooks NEW USED EBOOKS Rentals Residential Commuter
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