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Indian Horse

No description

Andrew Balint

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Indian Horse

Tragic Origins
Saul Indian Horse had many tragedies as a child. His brother and sister were taken away by the
, also known as the white man. "Besides my brother, I had a sister that I never met." pg 9. However, Saul's brother Benjamin escaped the Zhaunagush's "
" and returned to his family, but later died causing Saul's parents to go crazy. They ditched Saul and his Grandmother, and then she froze to death that winter. "Instead, she was gone. Frozen to death" pg 42.
Indian Horse is a no
vel writt
en by Richard Wagamese a
nd it is
a life-story of a boy named S
aul Indi
an Horse and it tells us abo
ut his lif
e and how he went through
but surpassed it with a love
r than his past tragedies. Hock
ey. But
when this love for hockey stray
Saul is found back on the path
The School
After Saul's Grandmother died, the white men found him and took him to the school. The school was a place where Indian children who were stolen from their families went to learn and work, to meet the white mens expectations on ho
w to be
Saul's mind was finally freed from the evils of the school when he learned about hockey and started playing. He was so good at it that he was allowed to leave the school and play hockey on a real team. "He has a God-given gift for it, Sister."
How Hockey Went Downhill.......
Hockey went downhill for Saul when he stopped enjoying the game. The white men would constantly hurt and make fun of Saul, so much in fact, that it made him hate the game.
Rehab and Starting A Better Life
Saul went into rehab for his drinking problem. He found peace within himself and saw who he really was. That is how this relates to Canadian Identity. We all have our stories. We all have an identity. This was Saul's story in how he found his Canadian Identity.
Indian Horse
Response Journal

A Brief History On Richard Wagamese
Richard Wagamese is an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario. He was born in 1955 and was taken from his family by the Children's Aid Society, he was raised in foster homes in northwestern Ontario and eventually was adopted by a family in southern Ontario.
Death, Death, and More Death
At the school, kids we dieing left and right. Some kids died by accident due to unsafe conditions, but others were murdered, beaten to death by the Nuns and Priests. "He died when trying to clear a stump from the end of a field and a tractor chain snapped. Lenny's head was split wide open in front of all those boys. pg 80.
Drinking Problems
Saul turned to drinking after he quit hockey. He drank so much that he almost died. "I wound up in the hospital. The seizures hit me and I collapsed on a sidewalk in Winnipeg." pg 190. "After five days of medication, I calmed down." pg 190.
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