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ambrose bierce

No description

cole lucas

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of ambrose bierce

ambrose bierce biograpy Bierce was born in Meigs County, Ohio to Marcus Aurelius Bierce (17991876) and Laura Sherwood Bierce.[2] His mother was a descendant of William Bradford. His parents were a poor but literary couple who instilled in him a deep love for books and writing.[2] He grew up in Kosciusko County, Indiana, attending high school at the county seat, Warsaw. He was the tenth of 13 children whose father gave all of them names beginning with the letter "A". In order of birth, the Bierce siblings were Abigail, Amelia, Ann, Addison, Aurelius, Augustus, Almeda, Andrew, Albert, Ambrose, Arthur, Adelia, and Aurelia. He left home at age fifteen to become a "printer's devil" at a small Ohio newspaper.[2]

chickamauga In a southern state, during the time of the Civil War, a child strays away from his home and into the woods. The child becomes lost, tires himself out, and falls asleep on the ground. Several hours later he wakes up and notices what he thinks are animals crawling through the woods. They are wounded soldiers fleeing from battle. Earlier, these soldiers had passed by the child while he slept. Now the battle is over and the soldiers are moving back over the same ground. The child, without knowing the seriousness of the situation, makes a game of it and marches in front of the soldiers, pretending to be their leader. It is night by this time and, crossing a stream, he sees a fire raging. He goes to the fire and makes a game of this also, throwing sticks into the fire. Suddenly, he discovers that the fire is his own home burning, and comes upon his mother, lying on the ground, horribly murdered. It is then that we discover that the child is a deaf-mute.

"The Haunted valley" An occurance of owl creek bridge (sometimes called "An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge") is a short story by Ambrose Bierce. It was originally published in 1890, and first collected in Bierce's 1891 book, Tales of Soldiers and Civilians. The story is famous for its irregular time sequence and twist ending. Born June 24, 1842
Meigs County, Ohio, United States
Died 1914

Occupation Journalist, Writer

Genres Satire
Literary movement Realism
Notable work(s) "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", The Devil's Dictionary
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