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Whatever We Decide to Call This Thing

No description

Peyton Nobles

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Whatever We Decide to Call This Thing

What will be in the stores?
We noticed that its rare for a grocery store to have diabeitc safe foods...
Opon this discovery, we decided to fix that, with a variety of foods!
Acknowledging that Walmart, and online stores have the tools a diabetic needs
We believe that it is healthier for a diabetic to know that they aren’t alone
With that being said, each store will have the tools a diabetic needs.
Realizing that a diabetic needs support, and may be new to the lifestyle of a diabetic,
We believe that a diabetic will live a healthier life if they have support and are educated
With that being said, each store will provide support groups, and classes which will educate newly or older diagnosed diabetics.

More information

Who will fund: Bill Gates Foundation
When will they open: Fall of 2016

What is it?
Our plan is to open a worldwide store, that is specifically tailored to diabetic needs. We will feature items that improve the lifes of diabetics
Support Store for Diabetics
Safe food for diabetics
Insulin / insulin pumps
Diabetic shoes / supplies to care for feet
Classes to help you maintain dibetes
Support groups
Medicine and the ability to get perscriptions filled
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