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Walt Disney Biography

A timeline about Walt Disney with information from the book Walt Disney by Barbara Ford.

Heather Marchese

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Walt Disney Biography

Around 1954 Walt convinces ABC to let him have his own show on their network with freedom to make any films he wanted on TV and backing for his park. The show was called Disneyland and became a huge hit right away. Walt Disney's Early Jobs 1910- Walt was 8 when he got his first job, delivering newspapers as part of the family business. 1918- At 16, Walt lied about his age to join the American Red Cross as an ambulance driver. 1919- Walt joins the advertising firm Persman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio drawing agricultural implements. Here he met Ubbe Iwerks who would soon become a good friend and co-worker to him. 1920- Walt joins Kansas City Film Ad Company and later convinced them to hire Ub too. 1923-Walt and his older brother Roy begin Disney Brother Productions. Shortly after, Ub Iwerks joins them. July 13th, 1925- Walt was 23 years old when he and Lilly got married in her home town in Idaho. November 18, 1928- Walt Disney Studio releases first Mickey cartoon (Steamboat Willie) in the New York Colony Theater. December 18,1933- Walt and Lilly have their first child, Diane Disney.
1955- 21 year old Diane marries Ron Miller a former class mate at the University of Southern California. 1936- The Disney's adopt a baby girl who they name Sharon Disney. 1959 Sharonn gets married and her husband joins the Disney organization. December 21, 1937- At the Cathway Circle Theater in Hollywood the world premiere of the Walt Disney Production's first movie in shown. The movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. July 17, 1955- Disneyland opens for the first time. 10,000 automobiles crowded there on the first day. Disneyland opened with 22 rides, in the next year, they had double that. December 15,1966- Walt dies in the St.Joseph hospital. Disney Thrives in Walt's name. October 1971- Disney World opens 1978- World celebrates Mickey's 50th birthday 1982- Epcot opens Walt Disney Productions starts a Disney channel focused on kids. Japenese version of Disneyland opens WDP starts a film company caled Touchstone, directed to an adult adience. 1959- Sharon marries and her husband joins the Disney Productions. Ford, Barbara. Walt Disney. New York: Walter and Company, 1989. Print. source: Walt Disney
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