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The Yellow Wallpaper

No description

Amanda Magana

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte was born July 3rd, 1860 and died August 17th, 1935. She was a feminist that accomplished alot for a victorian woman, and people acknowledged the fact that she did so much. The yellow wallpaper is a short story that is considered a horror ficition. Charlotte wrote this after she experienced a situation similar to the text. Charlotte suffered from "temporary nervous depression" that many said was sometimes common in women. During this time, women were only supposed to do house work, be wifes, and take care of all the children. This author however was involved in more. Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell was the first to diagnose her with depression. He put her on "rest cure", were she was to lay in bed and only have two hours of mental stimulation a day. She was never to write again and so she went years without writing. Once off of rest cure, her husband who was a physician, gave her strict instructions to get over this hysterical tendancy he felt she had not overcome. She was locked upstairs in a house he rented for the summer. She was forbidden from working and was to just sit in the room. She kept a journal hidden were she actually got her influence and ideas to write The Yellow Wallpaper. What is The Yellow Wallpaper about?
Charlotte Perkins & the place of the yellow wallpaper From being in that room for so long, she began to loose it mentally. She saw women in the walls, she also saw herself. When the time came for her to get out of the room she did not want to, she had become used to the wallpaper and all the images she would see in the walls. When this short story was published she sent a copy to the first doctor that put her on "rest cure" because she felt he started it all, and made her loose a sense of reality. She got no response from him but eventually, he did change the ways of his practicings.
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