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My aims and ambitions

No description

stephanie wyse

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of My aims and ambitions

My aims and ambitions
Even at the age of 21, I am still unsure about exactly the path that i want to take in life. However over the last 3 years i have narrowed that down to either being a part of theatre in education, and helping children progress and devolp through theatre, or working my way up to some form of stage managment.

gap analysis
current state:

A student gaining work experience and furthering her knowledge of working within management and entrepreneurship. I would like to work with as many professional practitioners as possible to improve my insight and knowledge as well as improving my business and organisational skills.
future state:
By the time i leave University, I want to have the skills and expertise to apply for jobs within education, management and the theatre. I will need a good portfolio of achievements and experiences to place me above other applicants as well as essential business and marketing skills that other theatre applicants may not have.

bridging the gap:
I have a limited portfolio so far so need to build on this over the next 7 months to ensure that my CV is the best that it can be. I also need to improve upon my skills within business and business techniques and theories.
how do i get here?
To arrive at my "future state" I will need to undertake extensive research into events, workshops, masterclasses and conferences in theatre, education and entrepreneurship. The more of these I can attend the greater my knowledge of the three areas will be and the bigger my portfolio will be.

I also need to achieve well in my other modules to better my experience within setting up my own event, meaning that i would have undertaken all of the business techniques that I will have researched.
Who I have contacted
• The new Vic theatre

"Education: New Vic Education is able to offer work experience in the form of an attachment to one of our regular drama groups. Note: due to the nature of our work with young people, placements offered to those aged 18 or above will be required to undertake a CRB check.

Borderlines: Undertaking experiential and participatory workshops; devising for Community Theatre; touring performances. Note: Borderlines is unlikely to offer a placement to students under 16. Due to the nature of work with young people and vulnerable adults, placements offered to those aged 18 or above will be required to undertake a CRB check."

www.newvictheatre.org.uk/jobs/work-placements 06/11/2013 The New Vic Website
Hayley Mullock Dance Academy
Shadowing a series of 4 2 hour, musical theatre and dance classes over the next month. My aims will be to make notes on teaching skills and techniques as well as assisting within with last session. This will be a more likely opportunity for a future mentor for me who can help me progress my teaching abilities.
Stafford college
requesting to sit in on a drama workshop that will be with older children (16 - 21) I will hopefully be part of the workshop as well as learning from the lecturers about their part in education and how they think theatre fits in with learning.
Theatre craft 2013

"From direction to stage management, producing to marketing, lighting to designing, TheatreCraft 2013 is the only place to be for a unique glimpse into careers ‘behind the scenes’ in theatre."
http://www.theatrecraft.org/ 06/11/2013

It is the free opportunity to take part in workshops led by industry professionals as well as a marketplace with stalls from various training institutions. I have booked two workshops in "Using the Arts in Education and the Community" and " Stage management association presents: "Making the Magic happen" "

I have also had the opportunity to book a one to one "ask the experts session" in Education and programming. In this the expert will answer any questions I have as well as going through my CV with me and offering advice.

This day will be an invaluable opportunity as It gives me a great platform to network with professionals as well as other budding theatre artists, who i may wish to work with in the future. Any contacts gained from this experience will be helpful to me in the future and i wish to create business cards to hand out on the day.
Market requirments
Theatre in education: Experience is key here. The more work that I can do with children the better. A good knowledge of the industry and theatre techniques. CRB checks. Some facilities will want me to have a QTS which i will have to gain after this course has ended.
market requirments
"Ensuring that a theatre works successfully on a commercial
and a practical level requires a passion for theatre,
enthusiasm and a hands-on approach."
Thank you!!
A stage manager would also need all of the skills
needed to organise a whole team of people, market and promote the show, experience in finance, a knowledge of the theatre as an art and good skills in networking.
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