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Media Literacy

No description

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Media Literacy

Patricia : Conclusions
Patricia and Katrina ....
Graph 2 : Katrina
Media Literacy That Mostly Affects Our Lives
Billboards, Radios, Movies, Paintings, Internet, Magazines, Newspapers, Buses, Streamers, TV, Books, Pencils, Pens, Games, Cereal Boxes, Mail, E-mail, Clothing, Speeches, Sculptures, Photographs, and Packaging
How does the Media make you feel?
The Media makes us feel informed and secure because I know what is happening in my own country as well as the ones across the water.
How does the Media affect your life?
The Media affects both our lifes in negative and positive ways. An example of a positive way is that it helps you be involved and socialize by giving you topics to discuss. A way it can be negative is that E-mail, Internet, or other media literacies can put a pause on your life, because your not spending time with your family or doing what you are supposed to be doing (sometimes).
Graph 1 : Patricia
Graph 3: Patricia and Katrina
Media Literacy
By: Patricia Ayala and Katrina Ahmen
Nothing really surprised me, except for one thing. 1/3 of my day i spend using media literacy! 8 out 24 hours! That's a lot! (For me). Sleeping i spend about 10 hours, so that means that i spend time with my family instead of using media literacy for only about 6 hours! No good! But on the bright side, most of the media literacies that i listed are used for my HW (most of the time). So in a way... It's for a good cause :)
Katrina : Conclusions
I am not really surprised by aything except that i spend 1/3 of my day with media. Considering all of the schoolwork and housework that has to be done, i thought that it would be much less. I think i should spend more time outside instead of inside with media surrounding me.
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