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Michelle Vagi

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Promoting Student Learning Luz Renteria, Amber Roberts, & Michelle Vagi
University of Phoenix Resources www.nccrest.org/Briefs/Diversity_Briefs.pdf Resources Classroom management Response to intervention Student Diversity Family, school, and community relationships Resources www.e-lead.org/principles/connection.asp Diversity can take many forms Cognitive Affective Physical Learning styles Gender Language Cultural diversity Exceptionalities Students at risk Socioeconomic status What does this mean for teachers? Understand your students Ice breakers
Activities Differentiate learning Materials
Strategies A few best practices Direct Inductive Social Individual instructional approach instructional approach instructional approach instructional approach Teacher-led Student-centered Cooperative learning Independent learning Management problems detract from teaching & learning and can take many forms... Talking without permission Inattention Leaving seat without permission Passing notes Unkind remarks Failure to bring needed materials Effective Response to Intervention Diversity Withitness & Overlapping Consistency & Follow-through Brevity, clarity, & firmness Preserve student dignity Ethnic & cultural Gender Identify Increase student achievement Increase student motivation Rules and Procedures Planning the physical environment Relation to student learning Relation to student learning School Family Community Better attendance Positive attitudes & behavior Willingness to do homework Higher academic achievement Use resources school offers Attending school events Keeping updated on community events Community Resources "Goal-oriented school-community partnerships are an effective way to generate the resources that are essential for building strong learning environments in an era of shrinking educational budgets" Resources References "Teachers' strategies that create and maintain an orderly learning environment"
(Jacobsen et al, 2011, p.97) Establish good rules & procedures Best Practices Keep students involved Best Practices Communication with family Community involvement www.learninga-z.com/rti/index.html www.apa.org/education.k12/classroom-mgmt.aspx American Psychological Association . (2013). Retrieved from


Burden, P. R., & Byrd, D.M. (2010). Methods for effective Teaching: Meeting the needs of all students

(5th ed.) Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook collection.

e-Lead. (2008). Retrieved from http://www.e-lead.org/principles/connection.asp

Jacobsen, D.A., Eggen, P., & Kauchak, D. (2009). Methods for Teaching: Promoting Student Learning in

K-12 Classrooms (8th ed.). Retrieved From University of Phoenix eBook collection.

Learning A-Z. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.learninga-z.com/rti/index.html

NCCRESt. (2008). Retrieved from http://www.nccrest.org/about.html

Warren, S. R., Noftle, J. T., Ganley, D., & Quintanar, A. P. (2011). Preparing Urban Teachers to

Partner with Families and Communities. School Community Journal, 21(1), 95-112. American Psychological Association APA Seeks to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives. e-Lead A free online resource offering states and districts information about how to provide better professional development for principals. The National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems To close the gap between students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and their peers, reduce inappropr Learning A-Z Learning A-Z is dedicated to working with teachers to give them the resources they need to reach every child, on every learning level. What does this mean for teachers? A few best practices Sources Emotionally caused Teacher-caused Student caused + Intervention Praise Ignore Indirect cues Desists Consequences
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