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An story analysis of Crash By Jerry Spinelli

No description

Masid Kamara

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of An story analysis of Crash By Jerry Spinelli

An story analysis of
Crash By Jerry Spinelli

The title, Crash, by Jerry Spinelli relates to the main character.
The main character’s name is John Coogan but is nicknamed Crash.
John gets the nickname crash when he was younger because he crashed head first into his relatives causing them to go flying out the front door.
People also call him Crash because of his tremendous skills on the football field.

John Coogan AKA Crash
John Coogan aka Crash, a cocky and self-centered football star, throughout the novel his personality causes the people around him to treat him different after he takes a prank too far.

Penn Webb
Penn Webb, a nice and unpopular cheerleader, tries to befriend Crash but gets teased by Crash and his friend Mike but later everyone is on Penn’s side causing Crash to realize that it’s not all about him.

Jane Forbes
Jane Forbes, a sweet and down to earth cheerleader, is on the cheer team with Penn and is by his side when he is getting teased by Crash.

Crash has a new neighbor down the street named Penn. Penn tries to introduce himself to Crash but Crash keeps talking about himself. Penn makes a second attempt to introduce himself by inviting Crash over to dinner.
Crash starts acting too cool for Penn by declining his offer. Eventually Crash says yes. When Crash goes over for dinner he’s very disrespect by talking about himself the whole and putting down their beliefs.
When he finds out that Penn’s family is vegetarians, he takes a bunch of meatballs and leaves them at Penn’s doorstep.

When Penn moves into the neighborhood, he makes an attempt to become friend with Crash. He immediately invites Crash for dinner but Crash isn't very accepting of Penn. Eventually Crash accepts Penn’s offer. When Crash comes over for dinner, Penn and his family introduce that they’re are quakers and that they’re vegetarians.
After, Penn invites Crash on a road trip with his family but since Crash and Penn’s beliefs are different, Crash thinks that Penn’s family is weird and declines his offer. When seventh grade starts, there are football and cheerleading tryouts. Penn decides to tryout for cheerleading but ends up getting teased by Crash and Mike. Since Penn is so nice, everyone is on his side.

On the first day of school, Jane catches Crash’s attention. Crash begins to have a crush on Jane. When Jane is on the cheer team, she and Penn become friends and she notices that Crash is trying to get her attention by teasing Penn. Jane doesn’t like that so she stands up for Penn. This makes Penn feel some what cool and popular. Crash asks Jane later in the year out and she denies him because of his personality.

Who are significant characters?
Plot Line

•Penn Webb moves down the street from Crash Coogan and invites Crash over for dinner.

•Crash is very disrespectful to Penn and his family by making fun of their beliefs and leaving meatballs at their doorstep because they’re vegetarians.

•Years later, Mike moves into the neighborhood and him and Crash hits it off immediately. They both start to harass Penn.

•On the first day of school, Crash meets Jane and tries to impress her.

•When Crash and Mike try out for football, they notice that Penn is trying out for cheerleading with Jane.

•They begin to tease him and pull pranks on him.

•They take a prank too far by put sticky cheese in Penn’s cheerleading shoes.

•Jane stands up for Penn and get everyone on Penn sides which makes Penn the cool kid and Crash unpopular.

•When Penn tries to ask Jane out, she tells him the truth and that his personality isn’t the best and needs to change.

•At the end Crash changes and him and Penn become best friends and Jane give him a second chance.

Crash and Mike tease Penn about being on the cheerleading team. They put chesse into Penn's shoes. Later Jane stands up for Penn and gets everyone on their side. Crash tries to ask Jane on a date but is turned down because of his personality. It makes him realize to think of others before himself and its okay to be different.
What is the theme?
Figures of speech
“The big pin on his shirt smacked me in the face.”

This figure of speech is personification because the pin on Penn’s shirt didn’t literally smack Crash in the face. He means the pin on Penn’s shirt caught his attention. Crash thought Penn’s pin was weird so he didn’t like. Since Penn had that pin Crash gave him a hard time for it.

My Final Reflection

I honestly enjoyed this book. I felt like Crash will help me later in situations like this. It also taught me that I should think of others first before I think of myself.

•Anyone who likes non-fictional books will enjoy this.

•This books teaches what to do in certain situations.

•Its very relatable so this will be a book you won’t forget.

•I wonder what happens to Mike at the end?

The End
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