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Henry Hudson

No description

Christian van den Born

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson
-started in 1607
-Hired by the Moscovy Co.
-Did not find passage
-Began in 1609
-Given 20 men for voyage
-Funded by the Dutch East India Co.
-commanded the Hopewell
-Did not find passage
-Hired by Dutch East India Co.


-Traded with natives in Nova Scotia

-Did not find passage
Trip #3
Trip #1
Trip #2
Trip #4
-started in 1611
-sailed the Discovery
-funded by England
-Traveled farthest into a bay and river which would later bear his name
-suffered through a freezing winter
-Conditions did not get better until the following June
-Hudson wanted to continue looking, but crew refused

In Conclusion....
Background Information
-Born in circa 1565
-Died circa June, 1611
-Born in England
-Became a commander in his late 20s
-On his journeys, he sailed as far south as North Carolina
-Always sailed with his oldest son on his journeys
-Had 3 children
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Student. World Book, 2015. Web. 9 Apr. 2015.
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