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Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republican's Reconstruction

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Taylor Lurie

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republican's Reconstruction

Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republican's Reconstruction Plans
Johnson's Plan
Johnson's plan was similar to Lincoln's. He didn't want to punish the South for it's mistake. Although he wanted to show mercy to the returning south, the plan stated that all major players on the Confederate would lose their right to vote. He also said that the plan would pardon anyone who was worth less than 20,000. If someone was worth more, the president himself would have to pardon the person. He offered protection to the freed slaves and he wanted to ratify 13th Amendment.
The Radical Republicans
The Radical Republicans wanted to punish the south for leaving. They wanted to take away the ex-confederates/supporters right to vote. They called it the Iron Clad Oath. They did offer the most protection to the freed slaves, of all three plans, but they sough to mostly benefit white Northerners. They also sought to create a Black Code.
Now that we understand the plans, let's compare...
Lincoln's Plan
Lincoln's plan is know by a few names. The two
most popular are the 10% plan and the
Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. He
wanted the South to re-join the union without having to pay a price. He waned them to return "quick and painless" as many historians would like to say. In his plan, 10% of the Southern states voters would have to vote to follow the emancipation laws.
10% Plan
Both Lincoln and Johnson's plan wanted a quick re-admission for the South.
Johnson's Plan
The Radical Republicans
Unlike Johnson's plan, the plan they had wanted to punish the south.
Unlike the 10% plan, the plan they had wanted to punish the south.
Johnson's plan gave less protection to freed slaves then the Radical Republican's plan.
Johnson's plan wasn't as willing to give as much freedom to newly free slaves as Lincolns was.
Lincoln wanted to give land back to the South but the Radical Republican' wanted to divided it and give some of it to the newly frees slaves
Johnson wanted to give the land back to the south unlike the RR.
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