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Chevening scholarships

No description

justin hoffman

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Chevening scholarships

Chevening Scholarship Zülal Zeynep Atagün Educatıon BA in Journalism
Communications Faculity at Marmara University, Istanbul Work experiences Resfest digital film festival Freewaves vıdeo art festıval bırgun natıonal daıly newspaper ıstanbul ıntercontınental advertısıng cup 2011 currently an edıtor for marketıng turkıye december 2004 - december 2005
productions supervisor 2008-2009 (Los Angeles)
international curatorial consultant february 2007 - 2008
reporter/photojournalist march 2011
production coordinator Babyturk february 2006-2007
editor Nokta weekly magazıne summer 2005
reporter Editor in chief of Marketing Turkiye youth Erasmus exchange student 2007 - 2008
Intercultural communications and European Studies, Fulda/ Germany Why Heart of the world Impact of new media

Tunisia revolution Different experiences

Global world
global experiences Current situation of Turkish press

Blog bans
journalists in the prisons Turkey has weak online journalism education emphasis high profile
legal battles slovenia TIME's founder Henry R. Luce "became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world." global web heart picture freedom of speech I believe that new media presents
solutions and may represent a new heart
of the global community emerging field strenghts weaknesses hard working smart love what i do open minded quick thinker organized multi tasking technology familiar with magazine
and graphic design software like to add a stronger technological background
to your education...

understanding the technical
mechanisms of twitter, facebook, and social media, mobile phone applications Paul Bradshaw online journalism blog "Doing Wikileaks? New Paradigms or Ecologies in Media Education Just Because you can Tweet, It Doesen't Mean You Should Digital Utterances: adaptation, education and cross-platform practice Built Cross Cultural Relationships

German Language Studies :) I truly enjoyed learning about and understanding
a new and different culture The world has many more similiarities than I had ever imagined... My first journalism job --Research-- and British Influences Progressive Where Will My Research Objectives Take Me >??>>>??? Dr. Richard Berger Company Spending CURRENT SITUATION!! HYPOTHESIS??? HOW CAN I EVOLVE
CARE!! and turkey
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