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Your online persona: Hurting you or working for you?

No description

Dhvani Merchant

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Your online persona: Hurting you or working for you?

Your online persona: Hurting you or working for you?

The Graduate Development Conference, Montclair State University, September 6, 2014

The Conversation Prism
Why Employers use social media
To get a glimpse of you beyond your resume
Evaluate your character and personality
Make sure you are a good fit for the company
Conduct yourself professionally
Of employers use social networks to screen candidates*

*2013 CareerBuilder survey
What is digital dirt?
Unflattering images
Web content
Blogs reviews
Testimonials - either by you or about you.
Broadly, it can be anything that can paint a negative picture about you.
So, remember, your first impression isn't made with a firm handshake, it's made with a
Justine Sacco: The World's most Infamous PR Rep
A web-savvy attempt at community building gone horribly, horribly wrong
Communicator of the Year authors snarkiest Linkedin rejection of all time
So, what's the plan now?
Two fold strategy:
a positive identity and
the negative one.
Start off by doing a simple web search of your name: different search engines, different categories.
If you're going to share content publicly, make sure it's useful.
Eg: Articles related to developments in your field, opinions by thought leaders about career interests, entrepreneurs/leaders you follow, highlight your own accomplishments and qualifications in a positive way
Don't forget to be helpful.
A little. And not too loudly.
Does this mean I delete everything about me?
Deleting everything could actually hurt you. No online presence is a bigger red flag to employers.
Your name, your accomplishments,
your domain name too.
Check everithing. Over and over agian.
Notice anything funny about that last slide?
Avoid typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.
Talk about other positives. Eg: Volunteering work, conference presentations, workshops you attended. Even languages you can speak.
Take the path of least resistance: Delete everything that could be controversial.
Pictures, status updates, reviews, blog posts - the works.
If you can't delete, talk to someone who can. Namely, the content teams at various websites, or if it's an individual, talk and explain. If it's a case of online impersonation, talk to law enforcement. Online impersonation is illegal in NJ.
privacy controls.
Update. Be current.
Be selective of what you align yourself with.
Thank you! Any questions?
-Dan Schwabel, author of Me 2.0
Just like Vegas, what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet.
Kelly Blazek
Wanted this...
Got this instead....
Click on everything.
Turn on
Own It.
Toot your own horn.
Google search!
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