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Stem Cells

No description

Lea Stith

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Stem Cells

Stem Cells
by: Aryanna Gasca, Sarah Liggett, Lea Stith
Plant cells are like houses.
A house is a structure that is made up of many different individual parts, just like cells. Each part or room of a house has a different function or purpose, which help keep an organized structure throughout.
Cell walls are like the walls in a house because they are the outermost point of the structure and keep everything inside contained.
Cell membranes are like the insulation of a house because they keep everything insulated, hence "insulation"
They separate what's on the inside from the rest of the outside environment.
In another essence, cell membranes are also like the windows of a house, because they allow the exchange of nutrients and waste to happen. In a house, windows allow air and sunlight to pass through.
Vacuoles are like toilets.
They are
both filled with water and organic substances such as waste.
The cytoplasm of a cell is like the air conditioning in a house. They both circulate around the structure and are in every part of the house/cell.
The DNA or chromatin of a cell is like a home office.
The nucleus is the like the central house remote because it controls everything and contains important information like how the nucleus controls the cell and contains the chromatin.
Just like DNA, computers inside the office store tons of information.
The mitochondria is similar to an electrical control panel because it is in control of all the electricity that runs throughout the house.
The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is like a car when it transports proteins where as a car transports people.
Ribosomes are like a shed because ribosomes build proteins like you build things in your shed..
The chloroplasts are like the solar panels because like chloroplasts, solar panels take sunlight and turn it into energy.
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