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Copy of Ideas of Dissertation 2

No description

mohammad al masum

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ideas of Dissertation 2

Research Ideas
Research Themes
Different ideas was generated over the time and the effort was made to syncronize towards deriving the ultimate target.................................
is important too
... small
professional skillspersonal interestspersonal strenghtsdepth and breadth of knowledge
digital planning processSpatial analysis for future space Data bank [continuous census]spatial analysis of Climate changeVirtual londonSustainable settlement in Mars
- Digital technology > building design > evolved 2 decade ago- Planning process > building data is > very much manual.- architects > consultants > digital format > CAD applications.- planning > local authority > printed format > digital version.- CAD formats > pdf > printed formats > planning process.- Digital data > dxf or dwg > submitted > archieved- central built environment data > BIM aggregator- cross service delivery > police > transport > health > others- web > digital data > user friendly > real > virtual world
real worldvirtual world
personal space-different sort of personal space- real world spaces- virtual spaces- personal spaces [real and virtual]- public spaces [real and virtual]- personal space in public domain- new spatial definition- spatial aggregation of real and virtual- new types of spaces and space design- personal modular spaces- transformed spatial solutions- new device / module, transformable/mobile?
future spatial journeys
review the feedback and follow the journey to syncronize among the ideas ...feeds-------
Integrated Networked City
Simplicity of Urban Complexity
- Singapore has digital planning- Next < integrate City system- City is complex- Telecomms and ICT becomes infrastructure base- city networks such as education, health, planning, communications, transport and so on.- What does it mean by INC [Intelligent Network City]?- What is future smart city?
Smart City
-Identifying networks of the city and Tele-ICT infrastructure for each of this.-How this networks work in a complex city structure.-Introducing of smart city concepts and way forward.-Scope of integration of the infrastructures of the networks.-How will it develop? [New infrastructure/network can be a route towards integration of existing networks or else]-Identify network system to integrate such complexities of the city.
concepts of understanding
- Comparing different network with city systems [human, tree, etc]- Designing the system based on specific system- Data and management integration system through cloud computing concept- What can be achieved by further integration?- Procedural steps towards INC.
(tools and techniques)
City as a tree and leaves
Leaf Structure
City as Human Body
Neural Network
Literature studyField DataConcept formulationDesign of the systemModel in the pilot schemeSummary and conclusion
Steps of the Research
An Overview
some videos
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