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FratMANers Presentation F2015

No description

SDSU Health Promotion

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of FratMANers Presentation F2015

What Can Men Do to Prevent Sexual Violence

Did you know?
Ground Rules

1. Whatever is said here will not
leave the room
2. Feel free to interrupt us
3. We are not assuming a sexual
4. There are no bad questions
5. Speak honestly
6. If you are being disrespectful,
we reserve the right to ask you to
How did you feel about the activity?
Rape is NOT about sex, it is about power!
Rape does not discriminate.
ANYONE can be raped.
Important things to note as we continue this presentation are...
Dating Violence
Dating violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors that one partner uses to get power over the other
Good communication
Mutual trust between partners
Partners share common interests
Both partners are able to perceive things differently without requiring each other to see things the others' way
Each feels valued intellectually, emotionally, and if intimate, physically
Each is able to grow independently and support the other partners' growth
Both have activities and friends outside of the relationship
Both partners accept each other and do not try to change one another
Relationship adds joy to your life
Able to understand and set your own boundaries
Healthy Relationships
Gauging Consent Activity
Red- Signs you should stop

Yellow- Signs you should pause and talk
Green- You're good to go! Keep communicating!
Helping survivors:
Regretted Sex
Two people consent to be sexually intimate and feel bad about or regret it afterward
It is NOT sexual assault because both individuals consented, but it is not healthy sex.
If consent is used appropriately, you are drastically lowering the chances of sexual assault and regretted sex simultaneously.
1. Believe
Be in a Fraternity
Have or be earning 60 units
Have Thursdays, 5-8pm Free
Apply for the program!
Rape Culture
of male students and
of female students involved in date rape had been using drugs or alcohol
Almost all
sexual assault investigations at SDSU involved alcohol
In 9 out of 10
rapes or assaults that take place on campus, the victim knew the assailant.
of rapes occur after 6pm, and almost
occur after midnight
of college rapes occurred in a survivor's home,
in other on-campus housing, and
over 10%
occurred in a fraternity.
How do you ask for consent?
Obtained by the person who is initiating sexual activity
Should be on-going and obtained for each new sex act
Can be revoked at any time
Cannot be given when someone is intoxicated to the point of incapacitation.
You need to understand that consent should be:
How can someone give consent?
Consent can be verbal or non-verbal
Regretted Sex vs. Sexual Assault
Things Men Can Do
Communicate during encounters
Cooperation does not equal consent
Beware of alcohol
Watch for 'The Freeze'
Stop, ask, clarify
Educate yourself and others learning about the topic
Intervene as a bystander
Help change social norms
Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators
University Police
Counseling & Psychological Services
Student Health Services
SDSU Sexual Assault Victim Advocate
Comments? Concerns? Want to Apply?
Email swaits@mail.sdsu.edu for
2. Listen
3. Support their decision
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