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Criminal Profiling - Ed Gein

No description

James Churilov

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Criminal Profiling - Ed Gein

Edward Theodore

Investigative Psychology & Criminal Profiling
As defined by the notes provided, investigative psychology is "the application of psychology to criminal investigation". Profiling is the main task associated with investigative psychology, otherwise called offender profiling - it is defined as a behavioural and investigative tool that is intended to help investigators to accurately predict and profile the characteristics of unknown criminal suspects or offendors.

Criminal profiling helps investigators develop a "profile" or "description" of the criminal, based on evidence found at crime scenes and victim and witness reports. In most cases, the ultimate goal is to narrow the list of possible subjects. It also allows the investigators to attempt to predict where/what/to whom/why the crimes that follow will be commited. Although this is not an "exact" science, it has potentially life-saving effects that provides a lot of assisance to the investigators.
The Story (in chronological order)
Born on 27th August 1906, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Grew up on a large farm
Second child of George and Augusta Gein
Mother was demaning and controlling; father was an alcoholic
Mother taught her sons about sin, emphasising on the evil of sex and women
Damaged psychological growth, sexually confused, effeminate
3 days after Christmas, 1945, the last of Gein's family passed away
Sealed off all rooms excluding kitchen and one other
Spent most of his time obsessing over sexual fantasies
Taught himself about the female anatomy
Fascinated by human experiments performed by Nazis
Gein had a long-time friend, only identified as "Gus"
Robbed graves together for almost 10 years
Experiments Gein conducted on the corpses became more gruesome and bizzare as time went on
Gein developed the desire to change genders
Constructed various items made of deceased humans; went to extremes of creating a female full-body jumpsuit
Gus was institutionalised, and Gein was alone
Due to his want of a sex change, Gein decided he needed fresher bodies
When he was 48, just prior his birthday, he murdered Marie Hogan
Police were initially unable to solve her disappearance
A three-year period where Gein did not commit any murders followed
The final murder occurred when he entered a hardware store owned by Bernice Worden
He picked up a rifle off a shelf store, loaded it with his own bullets and shot the owner
Gein placed the body into the store's truck, took the cash register and drove to his home
Investigation into Gein started when the son of Mrs. Worden found his mother missing, with blood spatter found in the store
Police had reason to locate Gein, as he had visited the store regularly over the week prior to the murder to purchase antifreeze
The police came to Gein's farm residence, and began by searching his shed
They were confronted by a woman's naked corpse hanging upside down - it had been disembowled, with throat and head missing
The body was identified as Bernice Worden
Gein's home was searched next
The house was found to have various body parts in use as decorations and furniture
A few listed:
Skulls made into bowls
Jewlery made from human skin
Masks made of facial skin, etc.
It was found that the body parts had come from at least 15 different women
Note: an officer found Worden's heart in a pan on the stove
Gein was admitted to the Waupun State Hospital for life
He revealed that his reasons for killing older women was due to the love-hate relationship with his mother
He never admitted to his cannibalistic and necrophilic activities
Gein died of cancer at the age of 78
The Gein house was eventually torched by citizens
The British (top-down) approach was taken to construct the profile and solve the case of Edward Gein.

The only physical clues found at Gein's crime scenes were the two sets of blood of Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden. The police also treated Gein's purchase of antifreeze from Bernice Worden's store as "physical" evidence, as it was removed from the crime scene prior to the crime itself.

Edward Gein did not have a constant MO for all of his crimes - which infers that Gein's were a set of disorganized crimes (*). Both of these crimes were shootings (as later admitted by Gein at his trial for only one of the murders), which show a consistensy in Gein's "murder crimes", but the way in which the grave robbings were executed was never revealed to the public. In short:

Modus Operandi: Shooting
Type: Disorganized
Number of victims: 2+ (potentially more; only counting the murder victimes)

(- All information collected by police before profile was drawn)
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And from the descriptions provided earlier in the presentation, it is also evident that;

Pathology: Necrophiliac, Gender Identity Disorder
Birth Date: August 29, 1906
Age at time of killing of Mary Hogan: 48 years
Age at time of killing of Bernice Woren: 51 years

(* This being said, there was an organized aspect to all of Gein's crimes. The bodies found at his farm were all mutilated in nearly identical ways, with a consistent surgical "stroke", and the murders were planned prior to their occurence. But, as described in the Criminal Profiling notes provided, the murders best fit under the "disorganized" type of crimes, and the criminal himself is described as a disorganized criminal, although there was some sense to what was happening in Gein's head.)


Definitions of above terms:
Necrophilia - an erotic attraction to corpses
Gender Identity Disorder (or transsexualism) - stong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one's own assigned sex


Home Location: In town of murders, nearby graves that were robbed.

Family: All family passed away prior to beginning of criminal activity.

Friendships: One friend, "Gus", who was institutionalized prior to murders.

Previous Actions Towards Women: Gein's mother taught him about the "sins" and "evil" of eroticism and sex.

Age at time of murders: 48 and 51.

Mental Illnesses: Necrophiliac, Gender Identity Disorder.
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