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Imagery : Working With Describing Words.

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kimmie aldoy

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Imagery : Working With Describing Words.

Using Describing Words. How Can Adjectives Make Your Writing More Descriptive: What are Adjectives?: What Are Some Describing Words? Different kinds of describing words are used when describing different scenarios. Colors can be used as describing words. 'The flower was blue.' ALL
WORDS! Adjective- modifies a noun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the noun which it modifies.
Modifies- another way to say describes.
Quantify- how much of something (quantity)
Precedes- Comes before. Noun- a person, place, object or idea. Grammar Power Up Describing words Are Simply Adjectives. Numbers can be used as describing words. ' There are 20 basketballs.' Characteristics can be used as describing words? 'The little girl was very unique.' The 5 Senses Adjectives are words that appeal to our five senses. Our 5 Senses are: The 5 Senses Adjectives appeal to our senses because they describe what we
see, smell, taste, touch, or hear. Example:
The fruity scent of the freshly baked apple pie filled the room. There are 4 adjectives in this sentence, what are they? How do I pick out the adjectives? An important hint to remember when picking out adjectives is that the sentence still makes sense without them. Remember!!!
Any word describing
a noun is
an adjective. The fruity scent of the freshly baked pie filled the room. This sentence still makes sense if we say:
The scent of the pie filled the room. Let's practice some more! On a cold, frosty day two children decided to go for a long adventure. They went through the damp forest. The twisted tree branches had no more leaves. As they continued to walk, the narrow path seemed to disappear. Soon they were walking on nothing, but sparkly, crisp snow. The sound of their feet on the fresh fallen snow made a loud crunch noise. In the distance they could see the small tracks of a deer. As they came closer to their home, they could smell chocolaty, warm, delicious hot cocoa. How can we use adjectives? Using adjectives is very simple, because you simply describe what's around you. A lot of the words we use are adjectives. Can you tell me some adjectives?: Let's Write!!!!! In section 1 at the top of your packet write what you see in this picture using adjectives. Remember!!!
You can talk about the colors you see, the emotions of the kids, even the number of things you see.
ALL DESCRIBING WORDS ARE ADJECTIVES!! Let's Summarize!! What are adjectives? Are colors and numbers adjectives? How do we use adjectives. We can use adjectives to describe! Do adjectives appeal to all 5 of our senses? What are our 5 senses? How do adjectives appeal to our senses? LET"S PLAY A GAME! Know: The definition of adjectives.

Understand: What adjectives are, where we see adjectives, and how to apply adjectives.

Do: Go through Prezi on adjectives, play game, watch Adjective song video, and begin worksheet.

Essential Question: How can we use describing words?
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