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Louisiana Base Course - BCS

Why use Bearlite for road construction in Louisiana

Jeannine Sohayda

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Louisiana Base Course - BCS

Louisiana Base Course Blended Calcium Sulfate Honeywell Facility in Geismar 5 Million Ton Capacity Roads are built two ways... undercut
below grade above grade Questions & Clarifications Why was Blended Calcium Sulfate (BCS) removed from the LADOTD specifications in the past? -Poor quality control, especially gradation
-Lack of product placement procedure How have these issues been addressed? -Bear routinely tests the product
-Bear ensures product standards are maintained throughout the mining process
-Bear offers on-the-job audits to help with product placement Fewer Tons to do the Job 8" thick base covering 100,000 square yards = 22,222 yd3 $87,000 Savings vs. Mexican Limestone $160,000 Savings vs. Gray Limestone
(CF 1.89 @$17/ton) What's the difference between Bearlite and Florolite? Approved as soil conditioner and cement additive
Why BCS? It just costs less. Bearlite 610 Bearlite 57 Grizzly 2" Gradations Available Lay Down Yards
Alternate for Limestone and Crushed Concrete Mining Process Stacked Material Ready to Haul Neutralize with Lime to Adjust pH Mine the Material Mined Material Ready to Harvest Fast and Easy Material Placement Excellent Gradation For Performance Easy Material Rough Grading Ease of Compaction
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