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The Seven dimensions of islam

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on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of The Seven dimensions of islam

• Islam means "surrender" or "submission" - submission to the one God, or Allah.
○ submission applies to every moment in the life of a Muslim.
• The Five Pillars of Islam are specific religious and ethical requirements for Muslims.
○ Confession of Faith
§ the
Shahada -
Stating this freely and with conviction officially makes a person Muslim.
○ Prayer
§ All Muslim men and women are required to pray five times each day: early morning, noon, midafternoon, sunset, and evening.
○ Fasting
§ takes place during Ramadan the ninth month of the Muslim year.
§ From dawn until sunset, Muslims are to avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and having sex.
○ Wealth Sharing
§ Requires Muslims to contribute 2.5 percent of the value of their possessions to a public treasury annually.
§ Wealth sharing is considered a form of worship, and thus provides benefits beyond the economic advantages it offers the community.
§ Along with the specific requirement of wealth sharing, Islam teaches that acts of charity should be performed regularly.
○ Pilgrimage
§ Once in their lifetime, Muslims are to journey to Mecca.
§ Any pilgrim who dies on the journey to Mecca is a martyr and enters Paradise.
• Islam holds that the body ultimately belongs not to the individual but to God.
○ The body is to be kept clean. Clothing should be neither overly seductive nor over luxurious. Perfumes are popular because good aromas remind Muslims of Paradise.
○ Islam regulates the diet. - Forbids eating pork and drinking alcohol.
○ Sexuality is celebrated as one of Allah's greatest gifts, but should be celebrated within marriage.
• Jihad is sometimes counted as the sixth pillar of Islam, the general struggle to be a devout Muslim.
○ Personally, it refers to the individual's spiritual struggle against anything that detracts from venerating Allah and acting in accordance with the divine will. Socially, it refers to the preservation of order Allah has willed for the world.

-Religions commonly begin with the religious experience of individuals

Fasting for a month
Develop self-control
Cleansing the soul
Eid Ul-Fitr
= the end of Ramadan
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Travel to Makkah
The Kaaba

teachings of Islam are based primarily on the Koran & secondarily on the Sunna
Koran or Qu'ran
primary sacred text
Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad
record of the teachings of Muhammad
The Seven dimensions of islam
Life of Muhammad
Received the Qur'an from Gabriel
Returned to Mecca
Persecuted and fled to Medina
Conquers Mecca
Converts Kaaba stone into new center

God told Adam to build an earthly House of Heaven
Pagan Idols
Pilgrimage Site
Prayer 5 Times a Day
Creation Myth
Shares with Judaism and Christianity
6 days
Adam and Eve in paradise
Quaran says Shaitan (Satan) told them to eat the fruit
Satan was a spirit of fire (jinn)
Vowed to seek revenge on Adam and Eve's future generation
Did not make man inherently sinful
State of calmness
recite parts of the Koran
Asking for anything they desire
5 times a day
Mosque attendance
every Friday
men and women are separated
Qur'an (Koran):
-Islam's primary sacred text

the prophet Muhammad
Ishmael (Abraham's son) is ancestor
Helped Abraham build the Kaaba
His descendants formed the religion
Ishmael instead of Isaac sacrificed
The Five Pillars Of ISlam







1. confession of faith, Shahada
"There is no god except God."
2. prayer
required to pray 5 times a day
3. fasting
fast during Ramadan
4. wealth sharing
contribute 2.5% of their possessions to a public treasury annually
5. pilgrimage
required to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca if physically and financially able
-Muslim place of worship
-prayer hall, courtyard, and minarets
-minarets- towers where a muezzin calls Muslims to prayer

1. Muhammad received the contents of the Qur'an from Allah
-The primary teachings of Islam are derived from the Qur'an and life of Muhammad

2. Ascension to Heaven
-Muslims believe one night Muhammad was miraculously transported from Mecca to Jerusalem
-He then ascended with Gabriel through the seven heavens and saw Moses, Abraham and Jesus and was in the presence of Allah
Eid Ul-Adha:
Holiday commemorating Abraham
Sacrifices cows
required to give 2.5% of their saved money
ensures redistribution of wealth
Two Miracles:
-In Saudi Arabia= Islam's holiest city
-Only Muslims allowed in= pilgrimages
-Muhammad= born here
-Direction in which all Muslims offer their prayers
community of all Muslims which transcends race, ethnicity & language
No system of hierarchy
No ordained clergy
Everyone is equal
Women and men are given different opportunities
Allah and Prophet Muhammad are 2 vital people involved in the religion
Fasting, prayer, sharing wealth, confessing faith & pilgrimages
Brings community together and people closer to Allah
6th pillar of ISlam?
-Muhammad spent much of his life in religious contemplation
-His life provides Muslim's with an example of human perfection
-celebrated as the most perfect of all human beings but islam carefully avoids regarding him as more than a human
sometimes considered the 6th pillar of Islam
means "exertion" or "struggle"
preservation of the order Allah has willed for the world
controversial meaning, "holy war"
Qur'an doesn't connect jihad with armed struggle
7th century in Saudi Arabia
Following Today:
about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world's population, second largest religion

Where in the World:
mostly Africa and Asia with some in Europe and South America as well as the US
Increasing or Decreasing?:
Increasing and will likely surpass Christianity as largest group due to larger families, youngest median age, and location of population
All Muslims must show care for their bodies
This affects their social life by
Wearing conservative clothing
Eating certain foods
Keeping themselves clean
Avoiding homosexuality, premarital sex & prostitution
Islam Facts
Night of power and Excellence
Masjid al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque):
-Largest mosque in the world
-Surrounds Islam's holiest site= Kaaba
-During one of his visits to Mount Hira, the angel Gabriel appeared to him in a dream and commanded him to "Recite!"
-This event marked the beginning of his career as a prophet
Modern day:
Muslims see signs of god in:
-referred to as "signs of the horizons"

Other teachings

belief in one god, Allah
regard Abraham as father of the Arabs
Ishmael moved to Mecca and became the ancestor of the Arabs
Human nature is essentially good, but people forget this.

-In the courtyard of Masjid al-Haram
-Stone cubical structure that holds a sacred black stone (meteorite);
-Believed to be put there by Abraham= symbol of covenant with God
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