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Off the Beaten Path: A Journey Across Coloarado

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Stephanie Hartman

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Off the Beaten Path: A Journey Across Coloarado

Off the Beaten Path: A Journey Across Colorado
Building Capacity with Colorado's Teachers
178 school districts, 6 content specialists, 5 months of travel, 13 -3 day workshops...
The opportunity to connect with Colorado educators... priceless
District Participation
Phase 3 of the CO District Sample Curriculum Project
The content specialists of the SIS team traveled across the state to work with educators in district settings to build instructional units based on the existing sample curriculum unit overviews
Instructional Units
Developed an instructional-unit template for all subjects and grades which include:
learning strategies, resource suggestions, differentiation options, and assessment ideas linked to helping all students master the Colorado Academic Standards. 

One sample instructional unit per grade level per content area (e.g. 14 total sample social studies units)
Available end of March!
We are going live with the (120+) units we have developed this far on March 31st!

A Little About Strategies & Resources
In the history based units, at all grade levels, teachers are encouraged to use primary and secondary sources so that students may engage in the historical inquiry process. With each "learning experience" teachers and students are directed towards resources where they can locate quality primary sources, such as the Library of Congress website.
Task Description
The teacher may provide primary and secondary sources (e.g. 13th 14th 15th amendments, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Jim Crow excerpts, etc.) so the student can begin examining the relationship and tensions between majority rule and minority rights.
For More Information
Check the Standards and Instructional Support website for details and for all the curriculum samples

District Sample Curriculum Project Overview:

Curriculum Samples:

Merino, Colorado

Stephanie Hartman
Colorado Dept. of Education
Social Studies Content Specialist
African American Odyssey - Reconstruction and Its Aftermath
from the Library of Congress
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