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Interpretation for Children

PRT255 Group Presentation

Graham Phelps

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Interpretation for Children

Interpretation for Children IAN FULTON GRAHAM PHELPS MICHAEL DONDERO -"Visitor and leisure settings are diverse, a variety of interpretive approaches are required"
-"Interpretation for children should be specially prepared and not just a dilution of the adult version"
- "Interpretive information must be rewarding to visitors"
-"Interpretive information must be readily understood" Central Ideas Why Make Interpretation for Children? - More appealing to families
- Contributes to child development
- 26% of the world population is under the age
15 years old. Problems - Too much text
- Too little excitement
- Too little hands-on
- Too wordy Techniques -Use multi-sensory elements
-Simplify the text
-Use more colors
-Implement shapes
-Offer hands on approach
-Make interactive
-Use contrast Case Study: Disney - Disney World is one of the largest attractions in the world with over 17 million visitors annually.
- Produced more than 750 movies.
- Provide more than entertainment; also promote cultural acceptance and environmental appreciation. Do you remember? Smokey the Bear "Only you can prevent forest fires" http://www.smokeybear.com/ Destinations Why is it needed?
Reaching children
When to avoid Where's my
gameboy at!!?? Theme Interpretation for children should be a uniquely developed process that uses simple and interactive techniques, in order to captivate their interests and spark their desire to learn. Use when appropriate Venues for interpretation are not meant to reach all demographics
Interpreters must know their audience
Do not waste effort and resources on those who are not the audience
Using interpretation for children in the wrong setting can make guests feel out of place, bored, and even disrespected
Has anyone ever explained anything to while treating you like a child?
How did that make you feel? When children are involved it is important to cater to them
Children are full of passion
Receptive when engaged
Reaching children can spark life long interests
Ex- Smuggler's Notch Ski School Case Study: Smuggler's Notch Ski School Age specific programs for kids ranging from 6 weeks to 17 years old
Variety of on and off snow activities to keep kids engaged
ski and snowboard instruction
exploration programs
Children are given a choice for which activities they want participate in
Experience is rewarding! Riglet Park Summary Children make up a large demographic
Interpretation should be simple, exciting, and rewarding
Children are highly receptive and eager to learn whats exciting to them
Interpretation for children should be used when appropriate Get them while they're young Any questions class??? Interpretation for children should be a uniquely developed process that uses simple and interactive techniques, in order to captivate their interests and spark their desire to learn.
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