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Home and School Connection

No description

Kimberly Allen

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Home and School Connection

Communication starts with YOUR voice.
As educators we must take the first step to make sure we are on the same page as the parents.
How can I have an open line of communication?
Have an "open door policy"

What is that first step?
Contact the parent. Be sure the parent knows what you expect of the student. This should be vocalized as well as put in print.
Have an open line of communication
You should freely be able to talk with parents regarding the student about any issue that may arise.
What is an open line of communication?
a means by which information may be transmitted from one person to another. (Collins, 2014)
How can I have an open line of communication?
Thank you!
Line of communication. (n.d.) Retrived October 3, 2014, from http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/line-of-communication
Make eye contact and hear what they have to say. Do not speak until the parent is completely done. You may need to ask, prior to speaking. Do not get defensive.
Always let the parents know they are more than welcome to come to you at any time regarding an issue. This will cause them to feel comfortable with you.
How can I have an open line of communication?
Be respectful
If you have a scheduled time to meet, be on time.
Be mindful of your body language.
Think before you speak.
Put yourself in the parents postion and respond accordingly.
Get to know each student personally
Ask questions
Do a class survey at the beginning of the year and have each student it fill out.
Get to know each student personally
Use information placed in the survey to make conversation. For example, if you are wearing a purple sweater mention "Sally, I am wearing your favorite color today." That little mention will go a long way with a child.
Personal Mention
Communication is the most important tool in a parent/ teacher relationship
In order to have a successful school year a foundation for proper communication must be in place.
Kimberly Allen
October 3, 2014
Jillian Hartman
Thank you!
Kimberly Allen
EDU 230
October 3, 2014
Jillian Hartman
Keys to Communication
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