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Into Thin Air synopsis

Mrs. Simons ~ Honors English Class 2012

Emily Zheng

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Into Thin Air synopsis

February 29th, 2012
May 10th, 1996
Alpine Ascents
Adventure Consultants
Mountain Madness
Scott Fischer
Anatoli Boukreev
Sandy Hill Pittman
Todd Burleson
Pete Athans
Rob Hall
Andy Harris
Jon Krakauer
Doug Hansen
Beck Weathers
Yasuko Namba
South African
Taiwanese National
David F. Breshears
Ed Viesturs
Cathy O' Dowd
Ian Woodall
Bruce Herrod
'Makalu' Gau Ming-Ho
Chen Yu-Nan
Araceli Segarra
2:00 pm
May 10th, 1996
1:12 pm
"With enough determination, any bloody idiot could get up this hill. The trick is to get back down alive."
~ Rob Hall
Rob Hall
Doug Hansen
May 6th, 1996
Adventure Consultants
Mountain Madness
South African
Scott Fischer
Makalu Gau
Andy Harris?
Beck Weathers!
"Please don't worry too much."
In Loving Memory of all those who died on Mt. Everest in Spring 1996
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