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Fad Diets VS Lifestyle Changes

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Shelby Phillips

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Fad Diets VS Lifestyle Changes

Fad Diets VS Lifestyle Changes
Fad Diet:
a popular diet used to lose as much weight as possible in a short amount of time.
did you hear about the latest fad diet?
you can lose 50 pounds in only 2 days!
Source: Urban Dictionary
So how effective are fad diets?
1. Many Fad Diets promise fast success as a result of radical changes
The changes you are making to your diet and lifestyle, are so radical that you lose weight quickly. The radical nature of the changes makes it impossible to continue to lose weight. Once your body goes back to the normal way of life, the weight is put back on.
2. Fad Diets cause fatigue
The restrictions on calories in most fad diets, does not provide enough nutrition for sufficient energy. This means there will not be as great as desire or motivation to work out, which is necessary for losing weight.
3. Fad Diets can Damage the Body
Fad diets can actually be unhealthy for your body in the long run. By depriving your body of the nutrients it needs for long periods of time, you run the risk of damaging bones, vital organs, and even brain tissue.
4. Fad Diets can cause muscle loss
Lifestyle Changes
A lifestyle change is taking a step towards an all around healthier life. It is a long term goal with results that last. Making the decision to eat healthier for life, and to stay on a strict workout plan, is what creates good lifetime health.
Fitness plan
Sticking with a fitness plan is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Diet alone is not enough to maintain or reach a weight goal. Building muscle helps burn more calories even when the body is not at work.
Portion control
Overeating is a huge problem in America. Controlling the portion sizes of what you're eating and eating more vegetables than sweets can make a large difference in your attitude, health, and fat percentage.
A healthy lifestyle can be reached with long term goals. While most of us want a quick and simple way to look great, we must realize it is a process. Looking healthy and being healthy are very different, and being healthy takes effort and time, but a lifestyle change offers greater rewards than just looking good!
Healthy Diet
A healthy diet refers to what you eat. In order to maintain good nutrition you must be willing to trade in foods with high fat content for ones that fuel your body with healthy calories. We must remember, the main reason we eat is for energy not enjoyment.
Most fad diets concentrate on the food you eat instead of the exercise you should be adding. By just eliminating calories and not exercising you may lose a few pounds by you are not turning it into lean muscle. Without muscle tone, your body looks flabby no matter how thin you are. Also, by eliminating certain nutrients, your body will lose weight in the form of muscle.
Shelby Phillips

A healthy eating plan will focus on the means to get to your goal weight, not just on the end result. In other words, you are encouraged to educate yourself about food so that you can make healthy eating choices. Diets are usually highly regimented and tell you exactly what to eat and drink, rather than allowing you to make your own choices.
Concentrating on the means rather than the end
There is no quick fix to losing weight. It takes hard work, dedication, clean eating, and exercise.
Positive energy
Those who devote a part of their life to clean eating and exercise tend to be happier people. Many endorphins (chemicals that make you happy) are released during exercise that can greatly affect a persons all around mood. Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress.
When you are eating clean and exercising you ride yourself of toxins, while building up your immune system, and even extending the length of your life.
Lasting results
The results that come from a lifestyle change extend longer than those of a fad diet. While a fad diet takes weeks to lose weight, it can take weeks to put the weight back on. With a lifestyle change you are guaranteed lasting results.
Benefits of Lifestyle Changes
Healthy Life

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