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No description

Lucila Intorno

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of BioNova

1985 Cañada de GómezCarlos Augusto Piva and Chemical Engineer Carlos Mengarelli founded Nova Laboratories SRL
12.000 m2 of plant infrastructure
Commercial Network
740 accounts and 11 technical representatives working on them.
in Quality Management System
Agriculture, Animal health and nutrition
Food & Beverages
Other Industrial Processes
Variety of enzyme solutions:
The power of enzymes
One single enzyme can reach the aim of precessing up to a million molecules per second
Microbes, bacteria and fungi
Their evolution through years made them survive extreme enviroments developing a wide and diverse set of characteristics transforming them in the origin of high diverse genetic material.
University of Rosario's Investigation Department
Conicet's reserchers
In collaboration with
High performance enzymes
replacing harsh industrial chemicals
clean and innovative
Improves customers efficiency to minimize pollution
Warehouse that allows having control over traceability of our products
Industrial Plant
Full integrated industrial plant with capability to produce all sort of enzymes on an industrial scale

Working with high value-added products, with advanced technology, with high levels of quality, either with its own resources or through strategic alliances to deliver products and solutions to national and global market.
Our Vision
Leadership in research, development, production and marketing of microbial products for seed treatment, applied to agriculture.
Our Mission
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