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Peer pressure and refusal skills

No description

brandon toker

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Peer pressure and refusal skills

peer pressure is the influence people your age have on you there can be positive peer pressure also like your freinds could get you to try a new sport the influence people your age have on you is called peer pressure peer pressure dose not stop at the end of your teen years so you will have to deal with stupid people your whole life to say no to peer pressure you have to have good refusal skills and if you dont you could screw up your life permanently its also easier to resist negitive peer pressure when you have supportive freinds when you have assertive communication you stand your ground. that is an example of assertive refusal skills some people may be more comfortable with a aggresive respones to peer pressure. such responses are overly forceful, pushy or hostile THE END
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