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Title Sequences

No description

Max Amaden

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Title Sequences

Production Roles:
Producer - Producers manage the conditions for movie production, such as obtaining funding, employing staff and arranging distributors. They are in control of the project from start to finish, where they are considered as the chief of staff and are in charge of the management side of the movie production.
Order of Credits in Opening Sequence
Generally, films tend to follow the same order for appearance of credits in the opening sequence.

This is usually:
Production companies
Production Crew

The order of appearance of the production crew usually goes in the order of:
Production designer
Co-executive producers
Executive producers
Executive Producer
The executive producer oversees the most of the financing for the film. They can also be involved with management, accounting, and legal involvements. They also have to work closely with the line producer and report to production companies and distributors. They sometimes also work on the film set.
The distributor is responsible for the marketing of the film, and as such is involved in roles such as setting dates for cinema release and retail release. When the film is to be released theatrically, they will be responsible for roles such as securing a contract which stipulates the amount of the gross ticket sales. On the other hand, for home versions, tasks such as creating box art for film will have to be managed by the distributor, in order for the movie to be ready for distribution.
The Matrix
Title Sequences
Lord of the Rings
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