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Orthocenter, Intercenter, Circumcenter, and Centroid

Kaylee Holliday

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Math

Points of Concurrency
The incenter is located
at the point of intersection
of the polygon's angle bisectors. Incenter Note: Any triangle has an inscribed circle, called the incircle. All regular polygons have inscribed circles. Other polygons with 4 or more sides, however, usually do not.
Centroid- Also known as its 'center of gravity’, The centroid is always located in the inside of the triangle and it created by the medians.
Centroid The blue lines are the medians, and the red dot is the centroid.
The median is the line that starts from a vertex and goes to the midpoint of the opposite side
The centroid is the meeting of three medians
Orthocenter Orthocenter- The point where the three altitudes of a triangle intersect.

Circumcenter Circumcenter is the point where the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle intersect.

The perpendicular bisectors of a triangle are lines passing through the midpoint.
:) Thank you for watching :) 4 Points of Concurrency:
Centroid Kaylee Holliday, Tori Pitts,
Abbey Savage, and Ansley Morris
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