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All About Me!

No description

marie silla

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of All About Me!

Traveling and exploring different places is something I love to do. The reason I chose this is because when I travel it shows me a greater appreciation for different types of cultures, religions and Countries. Traveling is something that I will always enjoy doing till the day I die, it gives me a sence of relaxation. Its nice to see and experience new things around the world but the main reason I travel is because of family, I have many family members in all sorts of countries and I love going to visit them, its the best feeling when you see a relative for the first time the smiles on everyone's faces gives me so much happiness. Traveling has taught me to be open minded because you are trying new things all the time.
Around The World
The Happiest Time In My Life
This topic is one of the biggest and best changes in my life. My dog, when I got my dog I was probably one of the happiest time in my life. When I saw her it felt like my whole world just lit up her little squishy face, it was the cutest thing in the whole world. The bond I have with my dog its the best thing about my life, if im sad she makes me so happy with no efforts and if shes sad she sleeps right next to me. I love her more then anything in the whole world shes my ray of sunshine
School Days
My best Friends
My friends mean the whole world to me. They make me happy and can pick me up when ever im down. The reason this topic is important to me is because my friends are the reasons that I am the person I am today the decisions they make always influence mine in a good way. These people in these pictures are not just friends they are my best friends I grew up with them, Jk-9 these years have been the best years because of them. I trust them with my life and I know they feel the same way towards me. Moving into high school I was very scared that we would all drift apart but this experience has only brought us closer together. Its the best feeling when going to lunch and everyone is sharing what they have done, we help each other no matter how big or how small the problem is. I love them they are like my sisters I dont know what or who I would be without them.
by. Marie Silla
All About Me!
Places I've Been
When I was little school was always tones of fun for me because it was a place of fun and my days where always filled with curiosity. At a younger age I loved to wander off and see new things for myself. This is where I learned one of the most important things to learn, independence. Because of the way I was when I was younger I am a very independent person.
Scariest Time in My Life
One time me and my friend where taking the bus home for the first time ever. We waited patiently for bus 85. When the bus showed up we got on looked around a saw that only 4 people where on the bus, we thought that maybe not many people take the bus. After awhile of driving I looked around the bus a saw that nobody was on the bus, we didn't know where this bus was taking us but I didn't say anything. My friend finally said something because we had passed wonderland, she said "Marie I think where lost" we started freaking out, I soon went up the bus driver and asked where this bus took us and where we had to go, he gave us a transfer ticket and told us to take bus 13 when it arrived. Me and my friend looked at each other in confusion then we looked back at the bus driver he had dropped us off in the middle of no where and he wanted us to run across a busy street to get to the bus stop and sit for god knows how long in the freezing cold. Finally we crossed the road and to be honest I don't think I have ran that fast ever in im life, we got to the bus stop and waited 20min...30min...40...min after about a good hour we where not only cold but scared finally some guy stopped to come to the bus stop we asked him if bus 13 comes here and he said yes. After and hour and a half the bus came and took us home. This was hands down the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.
What I Like to Do
On my free time my favorite thing to do is go to the mall or hang out with my friends but dispite all that, the fun I always have with my friends, I enjoy to sometimes stay home eat junk food and catch up on my favourtie shows.
Pisa, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Venice, Sicily and La Rocacasle
Ochos Rios
The Keys
New York
Palma De Mallorca
Cayman Islands
Memories of Kindergarten
In Kindergarten is where I had some of the best times, no care in the world just having a great time. Honestly i miss the days where playing in the sand box was a chore and nap time was something i hated, I miss how everyone got along so easily and no one really cared about how you looked or what you wore. But the best part about this picture is that every single one of these kids im still friends with, I sit next to some of them in my other classes or I see them at lunch.
Thats me
My Emotional Self
My emotional self, well lets just say ever since I was a baby I alwaysed cryed alot. Dealing with big problems is something I strugel with because I get stressed out very easily and when I stress I cry. Also I get very upset when people get mad or are disapointed in me, I dont like knowing Ive done something wrong it makes me really upset knowing ive let someone down.
Things that make me cry or upset
Rhine River
My physical Self
My body is something I have struggled with for a very long time, I dont think I have ever been truly happy with it. Im always wanting to lose weight but I find it very difficult when I come home and my favourite ice cream is on the fridge or when all my friends want to go out to eat and i dont want to say no, Sometimes i really wish i had a flat stomach, no strech marks and a thigh gap but I know that even if I do lose weight i still couldnt have all those things because I am not built that way. I have grown to like my shape and not to let peoples sarcastic comics get to me, I let them have thier fun and laugh along because the most important thing is that im heathy.
As I grew older and older I learned about building relationships. In ementry school I had many really good friends, They where always there for me. I was pretty good at sustaing my relationships with my friends even though there was unesacary drama we alwasy pulled throug it. Building relationships is an important skill you always use in your life wether its meeting new people or having relationships with your teachers. I am glade I leraned this skill so well
High School

Although I have only been in high school for a short period of time I have learned many great things, but the one most important thing I have learned is do not procrastinate!. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do in high school because you get so much homework and assignments all at onec.
I wonder what I'll be
Everyday I wonder of what or who I become in the future. But right now I really want to be a social worker. Being able to help and support people is somethinh i love to do a hope to continue in the future, making people happy or feel better about thier problems is something I am very good at.
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