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6th Grade LifeSkills - Making Decisions

Making Decisions 6th Grade

Tim Petree

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade LifeSkills - Making Decisions

Making Decisions
Making Choices
We make decisions everyday!
The Three C's of Better Decision Making
Step 1: Clarify the decision to be made (what is the decision that you need to make)

Step 2: Consider the possible alternatives (think about the different things you might decide to do) and the consequences of choosing ch alternative; collect any additional information needed. (If you are trying to solve a problem, think up as many solutions as possible.)

Step 3: Choose the best alternative and take the necessary action. Be sure to follow through on your decision
Difficult Decisions
What is the most difficult decision you have made recently?
Some decisions are made without much through while others require more time and conscious effort!

Many decisions that we make are influenced by other people

Page 18, Worksheet #4
Complete ONE of the two situations on page 19 (Worksheet #5)!

Step One: Clarify the problem

Step Two: Consider the possible solutions and consequences

Step Three: Choose your decision
To what extent do you think your decisions are influence by other people?
Don't want to be an outcast
To be friend with the "in" crowd
To do things they think are cool or fun
Don't have confidence with themselves
Not sure what is the right answer
Group Scenarios!!!

Get into groups and create a scenario in which the class will have to decide what the best choice is!

What is the best way of going about making any important decision?
Why are people influenced so much by others?
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